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IGN writes: When Braid -- developed by indie designer Jonathon Blow -- first arrived as a downloadable on Xbox 360, it was extremely well received. Our own Hilary Goldstein rated it highly and described it as being "imaginative, innovative and engrossing." Blow's surreal platformer combined an evocative story with some of the most brilliant time-based puzzles around. Fortunately, the folks at Hothead Games heard the cry of deprived PlayStation gamers everywhere and have brought Braid to the PlayStation Network. Despite arriving more than a year later, the PSN version of Braid is every bit as beautiful and challenging as its 360 counterpart.

NateNater4955d ago

So on 360 IGN gives it an 8.8 and on PS3 they give it an 8.5 :/

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Saaking4955d ago

It's the same game. Why review it again AND give it a lower score?

YungXclusive2K94955d ago

"Fortunately, the folks at Hothead Games heard the cry of deprived PlayStation gamers everywhere and have brought Braid to the PlayStation Network."


gaffyh4955d ago

Not worth buying IMO, he should have added some more levels, and I already played the PC version months ago.

YungXclusive2K94955d ago

the review was done by Ryan Clements and he obviously is playing catchup with the gaming industry its a terrible shame the biggest gaming sites in the world have such ignorant reviewers

HolyOrangeCows4955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

"our task was to preserve that vision and that experience, leveraging the unique features of the PS3 to further enhance it with the amazing 1080p resolution and HD audio"

"We took full advantage of the PS3’s hardware to make sure this version of the game never deviates from a smooth 60 FPS"

IGN fails.

Different reviewers or not, they should have been consistent.

Hellsvacancy4955d ago

I was gonna buy this but thought it looked abit daft (just my opinion), ill stick with Trine

darthv724955d ago

did anyone care to notice the game is the same. Being a year later perhaps ign was expecting the same as all of you. More stuff not just the same on a different system. IGN scored it accordingly. You want to whine about .3 points when the game is clearly a great title regardsless of score. Some of you are just score whores and most likely dont care about the game at all.

Should a game released a year later on a different system be worthy of the exact same score given previously? If it comes with new content then yes...perhaps an even better score. If it includes nothing new then the score being lower is justified.

Get over it.

gaffyh4955d ago

For those who haven't played it, it is a good game and has some very nice puzzles. It's not worth buying though if you've already played it because they didn't add anything significant.

Persistantthug4955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

So you mean to tell me I'm supposed to get excited about a year old 2-D port that pretty much looks like a late NES or early SNES game?

If ANY of us here on N4G had wanted to play this game (we are all on computers), we could have played this "low powered" game long ago.

The fact that this game comes staggering in, a year late, and they expect me to shell out $15 for the right to play your "godsend" of a game, that we've all heard was a few measly hours..."LAWL!"....t hat's all I have to say about that.

I'll stick to my Fat Princess, thank you very much.

pixelsword4955d ago

... I post it, to steal their hits

Braid Review
The time-bending journey finally arrives on the PlayStation 3.
by Ryan Clements

November 13, 2009 - When Braid -- developed by indie designer Jonathon Blow -- first arrived as a downloadable on Xbox 360, it was extremely well received. Our own Hilary Goldstein rated it highly and described it as being "imaginative, innovative and engrossing." Blow's surreal platformer combined an evocative story with some of the most brilliant time-based puzzles around. Fortunately, the folks at Hothead Games heard the cry of deprived PlayStation gamers everywhere and have brought Braid to the PlayStation Network. Despite arriving more than a year later, the PSN version of Braid is every bit as beautiful and challenging as its 360 counterpart.

As the elusive story of Braid is part of the charm, I'll avoid describing the important parts. All you need to know is that the game follows the simple-looking Tim on his quest to find the Princess. The story of Braid unfolds almost completely through text, which I actually preferred over the use of a voice track.

See the beginning stages.
See the beginning stages.

At first glance, Braid might appear to be a run-of-the-mill (though still visually fetching) 2D platformer. This is not the case. Although Braid has very simple controls, the gameplay mechanics and concepts present in the journey are surprisingly complex and will require a fair bit of patience and cleverness. By using Tim's ability to rewind time with the push of the Square button, elaborate scenarios will challenge your perception of normal 2D puzzles and force you to think in new ways.

Each world, which is connected to a central hub, is divided into several sections. In most sections, players must guide Tim through the level and collect puzzle pieces along the way, which are then used to assemble beautiful paintings that hang in Tim's home. Early on in the game, time manipulation is used in very simple ways, like saving Tim from an untimely end if he hits one of Braid's wandering enemy creatures. In this way, there really is no "Game Over" or end to Braid, as every mistake can always be rewound if you hold down the Square button long enough. If players feel lost, they are welcome to start that portion of the world over at their leisure.

As players progress through the worlds, different types of time/environmental manipulation will become available to Tim, though some of them are only used in that world. For example, there is one instance where time will only move foward as Tim progresses physically in the stage. Walking backwards will rewind time. In another world, Tim can place an item on the ground that dramatically slows down anything around it. The further away Tim distances himself from the item, the faster he can move.

While these concepts sound fairly straight-forward on paper, solving some of these puzzles for the first time can be extremely challenging. These abstract concepts are combined with layer upon layer of traditional puzzle solving (like opening doors, jumping between platforms, and rebounding off of enemies), so players must constantly think of new ways to collect the glowing puzzle pieces in each world. Braid is not a game to be rushed, as doing so will only frustrate the player and ruin the experience.

Besides solving intricate puzzles, players will also enjoy some truly stunning visuals that are filled with a brilliant use of color and layered backgrounds. This art is complemented by a perfectly themed soundtrack that fits the surreal, melancholic nature of Tim's quest. I think half the appeal of Braid can be found in these aesthetics, which is high praise, considering Braid's intelligent level design.

I love the art in this game.
I love the art in this game.

Braid is not perfect, however. Although I deeply admire Blow's ability to weave a surreal, complex story so skillfully into a puzzle game, some of his writing can be heavy-handed. Furthermore, for a fifteen dollar game, Braid does not last particularly long and -- outside of unlocking secret tokens upon completion -- does not offer much replay value. These issues should not discourage perspective buyers, though, so it's still a very worthy investment.

Closing Comments
Braid is a beautiful, smart and challenging game and certainly worth checking out. Although the difficulty can be a little surprising at times, the overall experience is rewarding enough to warrant working through the puzzles.

Despite the short length and somewhat limited replay value, Braid's artistic vision and intelligent design is more than enough reason to download the game right away. Jonathan Blow's notoriety in the indie landscape is well deserved.

ReservoirDog3164955d ago

Believe me, everyone who hasn't played this needs to play this. It doesn't matter if it's a 2D platformer that looks like a SNES game Persistantthug (it's a beautiful looking game by the way). It's honestly kinda the point (or one of them anyways).

If you don't think it's worth it at $15, at least if it ever drops to $10 for a special deal or something, buy it. It's so worth it.

Persistantthug4955d ago

When this game gets to 5 to 7'ish dollars, I will consider getting it on the PS3.

Such is the effect of THE BIOSHOCK TREATMENT.


Chubear4954d ago

Geee, You'd think a fanboy on gaming forums wrote that review. Yeah that's right, when you see some rabid comments on these gaming forums you should know that there are game reviewers form GS, IGN, EG, GT etc etc among them... do you feel great trusting these gaming sites now? Knowing fully well that they are the same "fanboys" that spew BS on gaming forums just (obviously) hiding behind anonymous user names?

Yes the same people that write "PS3/360 iz teh fail!" are the one that rate your games for you. Feel good now about letting these guys dictate how you game?

If this doesn't let you understand these gaming sites play mind games to manipulate the gaming community then you're a fool for good. Stop listening to these aholes. We have vids of gameplay, interviews, feed back from other gamers - STOP RELYING ON THESE GAMING SITES, THEY ARE FILLED WITH RABID FANBOYS&GIRLS.

NoBias4954d ago

Don't let your stupid fanboy mentality keep you from playing this amazing title.

Persistantthug4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

So now this old school games comes to my doorstep A WHOLE YEAR LATE, and I'm now supposed to jump at the chance to play this "ground breaking"(not really) product, in spite of all the other latest and greatest thrill rides on the market that DID have the decency to cater to me ON TIME?

Label me a "vengeful bastard" if you want, but I think one good turn deserves another.

Like I said,

Ahh...and now my BlueTooth is charged.....
Back to Fat Princess :)

NoBias4954d ago

The game would prob be too hard for ya anyways..


Persistantthug4954d ago

started my platforming on original Pitfall.....

Trust me....I'd breeze through that SNES game in a few hours.

I just choose to treat devs/titles that treat me well, in kind....that's all.


Xbox Avatars Shoe4954d ago

I HATED this game! By far the most overrated game of all time IMO. It got insanely good reviews for ugly graphics, ripping-off a ton of Mario levels and time travel that was just a big gimmick.

NoBias4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

The game is too hard for this Xbox Avatars Shoe fanboy. I wish there were a clickable "punch" option. I'll settle for ignore, in the meantime.

EDIT: In all seriousness though Persistantthug, you really will be missing out on a great game. What time it got to you shouldn't be all that important. It's not so much beating the levels. The levels aren't too hard to get from beg to end, they're fairly easy. It's the individual puzzle pieces that are in the level that can be such a challenge to get. Some really ingenious challenges.

THAT's where the reward comes from. I'd compare this game to demon souls or portal in terms of the feeling of when you "figure it out". I'm telling you, it's great. With 25 years of gaming behind you, I'd see you appreciating this title for sure.

At least check out the demo but know that it gets HARDER ha. There's seriously times where you'll need to check online. And it's infuriating... But at the same time addictive, original and relaxing (music & art design). Some of the gameplay elements in that have never been seen implemented into a 2d side scroller before.

I can honestly say it's one of my favorite games this gen.

Persistantthug4954d ago


Glad I got to finally pick it up and play it for $20 now.....

it was awesome I tell you.


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belal4955d ago

its the same damn game...

ElementX4955d ago

I played this when I had my 360. It's an interesting game. I would recommend it because there are a variety of puzzles and they're difficult but not throw your controller difficult. I did have to watch a couple of YouTube tutorials, though ;-)

she00win994955d ago

so the xbots lost another exclusive..

leeger4955d ago

It was not a 360 exclusive in the 1st place.

poopface14955d ago


she00win994955d ago

so thanks for the beta testing xbots

Sez 4955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

it's funny how the "BETA"version outscored the playstation version. maybe they will have a patch for it by the end of the day. so it can score on par with the "beta". seem like every ps3 game needs a patch. know wonder people are calling it the patchstation.

for all the disagreers

360 ps3
8.8 > 8.5


lmao. "multiple account". thats one of the last things that need to come out of any sonyfanboys mouth. period.

you can look at my commment history and see i been here longer than you have buddy. laugh at that corny joke. come on now. you need to come better than that. with you avatar that screams "homo" and your buddy bener-d!ck. laugh at that one droid


yeah.sure you did buddy.sure you did. "rolls eyes'

Aquarius4955d ago

another troll with a multiple account talking about patches.

well I have one for you


Please tell me your not going to laugh at that even though your a BOT.

she00win994955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

i think your sister's p*ssy needs more patch than my ps games because i really tore her up last night...

oh sorry, its not only your sister, also your mother....

callahan094955d ago

@Vega, your comment is so ignorant. The game doesn't need a patch, because it's not broken, and it is IN FACT better than the 360 version because this version is native 1080p at 60fps, which the 360 version was not. The reason for the lower score is not because it is inferior, but because it was reviewed by a different person who also would have given the 360 version a lower score than the other guy gave it.

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Dirk Benedict4955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

Is that your handywork, Bumpmapping?

I will match that after my Bailey's and Coffee. To the bots; buy a PS3™
Stop letting ms slide the wide shaft into your wallet/colons.