Rethink Sony, release GOWIII in May 2010, March is overbooked

Now we all know that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on March 9th, but it's not the only title that will hit store shelves in said month. And especially on the PS3 there are big hitters all looking for room on the same plane. Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, Heavy Rain in February, and as stated, Final Fantasy XIII. March is overbooked and the best solution is for Sony to push back two big games, namely GT5 and God of War III into the months of April and May of next year respectively if they want all their big hitters to sell well. Here's why.

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YLOD Service Tech3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Overbooked or not, GoW3 will not sell. Nobody wants to play the most crappiest most easiest hack and slash game anymore. QTE's are not quite up to today's standards.

Play Behind...droids.

3sq3683d ago

Stealth editing, huh? What an idiot you are, bot. LOL

dinsurya3683d ago

I bet hes one of the guys who got banned.
Its ok dude, let it all out. we're here for ya mate.

wxer3683d ago

butt hurt ??
this game revived hack and slash after it was almost dead
and innovated QTE in hack and slash games
dumb ass

you'll never get any thing as good as GOW on your 360

Nathan Drake23683d ago


i think that gow 3 has 60,000 preorders in america,more then splinter cell which is coming a month earlier.

NeptuneMerc3683d ago

@Nathan Drake2

Mass Effect 2 X360 - 60,685

God of War III PS3 - 59,551

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction 53,171

Darkestbeforedawn3683d ago

I have fond memories of elementary school. You must be enjoying it.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3683d ago

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||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// ;-D

infekt3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

But I do agree that Sony should spread the gaming love out. Its hard to play through so many quality titles all together. I'd understand if this was the xb360 with nothing decent coming out for it, but we are talking Playstation here.

3683d ago
Marty83703683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

@YLOD Service Tech

Start of 2010 has an awesome line-up

MAG = Jan
White Knight Story = Feb
Heavy Rain = Feb
God of War III = Mar
Final Fantasy XIII = Mar
Gran Turimo = Mar/Apr

Different genres are releasing in each month so know reason to change month. As all games have ther fans.

Jump Out, Play B3yond

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szngamers3683d ago

God of War III will sell like sweet pumpkins.

Darkeyes3683d ago

GOW3 will sell a lot. The last 2 titles were pirated like crazy, but this one will sell and it will sell PS3s as well (3 of my 360 friends gonna pick up PS3 in Christmas just for this and UC2). I expect more than 3-4 million for GOW3...

GT5 lol, this will move a lot of PS3s in Europe and Japan.Expect this game to break record.. Prologue according to PD sold 4.16 million!!!!! Just to give you a perspective, GT4:P sold around 2 million and GT4 sold more than 10.... I have no doubt that GT5 will sell @ss loads of copies.

I hope Sony doesn't postpone the GOW3!!! I have been waiting forever to play that.. Even GT5 must come in March, but I understand if Sony changes a few release dates due to marketing problems.... Ahhrr SE why can't you move FF13 to April or May!!!!

Chubear3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Now editorials are complaining "IT HAS TOO MANY GAMES!!!"? Wow, what a turn of events.

The thing here is, the writer is under the illusion that if these games dont' sell 5billion in the 1st week then it's over. No, with PS3 games, they tend to sell longer with more people buying the system later on or just moving off from what they were playing and getting something new.

In this case, the demographic for GT5 in NA&EU aren't all FF fans. A large number of fans of GT don't even play video games outside of GT and only get a PS when GT launches cause they're car nuts. But even so, people interested in FF13 and cannot get 2 games in a month will get them in the following months thus the fore mentioned "long legs with sales"

Also remember, the demographic for the PSbase isn't the high amount of teens on gaming forums. The PS3 base has it's core gamers in the 18-38 range meaning, they have deposible income and spending $120 or $200 for these games in a month is pretty much a non issues cause you'd spend that in one weekend of bar hopping or restaurants.

I for one I'm not a FF fan so GoW3 and GT5 are a lock for me GW. From now 'till end of May. I know I'll be very much covered for gaming entertainment with the games I'm getting

Jan: MAG
Feb: Heavy Rain
March: GoW3 & GT5

All high end quality exclusives and all different genres. Lord knows what's planned for Sony's exclusive in summer. Hope I can catch up with a few multiplat rents - with Dantes Inferno and Dark Siders - this summer :(

blackpanther253683d ago

funny cause two of my friends are getting ps3 cause if GOW III as well

morganfell3683d ago

Who gives a rats ass what happens to FFXIII. SE made this bed with ms money now they can lie in it. I hope they look back after having to fight GOWIII and GT5 and realize how they screwed up.

The comment made elsewhere on this page is correct. If they hadn't gotten into bed to with ms then the game would have been out this christmas. The idiots that wrote this article should consider it is SE is the one who should be sweating.

nirwanda3683d ago

Q1 is the new christmas

Aquarius3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Damm...Is Heavy Rain really releasing in Feburary O.O

Thats too many awesome games, too close too each other.
What about WKC?

I see DC Universe Online and The Agency in the summer.

LukaX233683d ago

This blogger is starting to piss me off.

cloud 2793683d ago

Please note that GT5 is only releasing in March in Japan, Sony hasn't announced a release date for NA/EU. So people wanting to get GOWIII and FF13 & GT5 can get all their games. Also don't forget we have WKC coming in February 2010.

PS: I'm looking forward to WKC more then FF13.

morganfell3683d ago

That is the most stinging retort to this ridiculous article anyone could have offered. Bubbles.

It just goes to show that any excuse will server a mad little tyrant buried behind his keyboard.

poindat3683d ago

GT5 releases in March ONLY for Japan. Nothing else has been confirmed, and I personally expect an April or May release for the rest of the world.....

Sooooo.... that leaves FFXIII and GOW 3, both of which cater to different crowds (for the most part).

Sounds good to me.

HammockGames3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Why would Sony move back a powerhouse that other developers/publishers should be afraid of?

If anything, March is overbooked BECAUSE OF GoW III.

Personally, that's the only game in town for me when it releases. The rest can wait.

Edit: I shouldn't say the ONLY game in town (GT5 is a given)

TheTwelve3683d ago

I can see if the games being sold were similar, but all of them are different and will have plenty of room to breath for people who like those genres. Remember that people who own PS3s tend have a wide demographic of game-tastes and Sony has always quality catered to all of them.

Finally, I can almost guarantee that one or more of these games will be delayed a month or two.


Ravage273683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

who cares if FF13 release side by side with GOW3? both games appeals to different demograph and both series have established fanbase that WILL buy the game regardless. i'll be mighty pissed if Krato's return gets delayed.

ABizzel13683d ago

MS paid Square to get FF out in March. Joking joking.

March is going to be packed, but I don't think they need to move any games back unless, their not ready to ship.

silverbeld3683d ago

GOW 3 will blow out all competitions!! Besides that FF13 will sell on PS3 better too.

bnaked3683d ago

^^ no sorry, GT5 will blow out all competitions by far.. It's Sony's biggest franchise with the most fans.. But GOW3 will be the second! ;-)

callahan093683d ago

God Of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 had March before those other games. Let them move. No, just kidding. There's room enough for everyone. I'd rather personally have all the games as a buying option earlier rather than have to wait longer but they might sell better. Sales aren't as important to me as getting to enjoy the damn games themselves. Also, what really is in March besides GOW3, GT5, and FFXIII? Those are all 3 very different genres and besides this October, had more big releases than that, with Uncharted 2, Borderlands, Tekken 6, Ratchet & Clank, Forza 3, Demon's Souls, and more, and they were all successful enough.

syanara3683d ago

I would rather delay heavy rain rather than God of War or at least give it a release date around may

kws10653683d ago

Why should GOW be postphoned?

jut4203683d ago

Idk about this idea. There has never been a game since the release of the PS3 that I've heard more people say "yeah, I have to get a PS3 for GOW3." I honestly think that if they were to push one game back (unless any of these games need extra polish, because I'm expecting nothing short of perfection from GOW3, GT5, and not so much perfection from Heavy Rain but I expect the game to be highly polished and for it be the most movie-like game in the industry's history) it should be Heavy Rain, just because GOW3 and GT5 are two of the most annticipated PS3 games since the system launched. I just think a delay for either of these two games might look bad for Sony.

Chubear3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Wait a minute, isn't GT5 supposed to launch in December in JPN and March in NA&EU? I thought that's what was announced. I guess I was wrong. Either way, that "eases" up things for gamers through the 1st quarter of 2010.

Gad, I love being a gamer XD


torontoml3683d ago

FF will be at the beginning of the month, GOWIII will be at the end of the month, and my guess would be that GT5 will be in April outside of Japan.

beavis4play3683d ago

i'll buy GOW3 as soon as it's available.

MasFlowKiller3683d ago

[email protected]%# NO Sony Keep ur tittle where they are,
does anyone remember when the release day for FFXIII was in 2008?
I been a Final Fantasy fan for years and i think this tittle is a big step back and if fans have a choice between this tittle and GOW3 & GT5 let them speak with their cash.
I dont care if this one tittle sell better on the 360, just because for that month we dont have to pick this backward a$$ tittle when we can pick GOW3 Or GT5

ico923683d ago

with all these awesome games comming out it january febuary and march...what the hell are we gonna play during the summer?

Persistantthug3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

As mentioned several times by now, GOD OF WAR is a game that ALWAYS releases in March.

Not only that, but the game is of "BLOCKBUSTER" status....a well known, highly anticipated title...a title that is going to help push PS3 to their FISCAL YEAR END forecast/prediction (March 31) of 35 million units.

Without this game, Sony could fall short of their goal, and stocks could fall, and heads will roll, and people could get fired while others could suffer lay offs, especially in the current worldwide economic conditions.

I'm sorry, but some people demonstrate that perhaps licenses should be required to have a blog.

vhero3683d ago

no its perfect March is the month of PS3 and it will turn the entire market around for 2010.

ShadowRyuX3683d ago

The games will sell more in different regions

God of War III: NA
Final Fantasy XIII: Japan
Gran Turismo 5: Europe

Of course this doesn't mean they won't sell well in other regions.

Even still most people would only buy one of the three no matter how far apart they are completely different genres and appeal to completely different types of people. Not everyone buys every big name release from every genre known to man like some people here (including myself)

fishd3683d ago

Kratos got balls,bring it on!

CrazzyMan3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

The game does not become worse on 2nd week or 2nd day from release.
If the game is really good, eventually you will buy it.

The other thing, the earlier game is released, the earlier it will hit as greatest hit/platinum version. And that is a good thing for those, who can`t allow themselves to buy a 60+ euro costing game every month, especially during economical recession.

Megatron083683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Once again the only game to play on the ps3 is the wating game. Its funny that may is the same month Alan wake is coming out. Sony is scared to death of the great 360 exclusives coming in 2010

TheReaper423683d ago

Who cares about sales, as long as I get all my games.. I'll be one happy person.

anh_duong3683d ago

some people don't realise it damages their credibility a lot when they write stupid articles like this.

mastiffchild3682d ago

Oh Megatron that's some weak trolling right there. Possibly the weakest I've ever seen and I've seen some pap in my time in both directions!

Fisrtly you call out the PS3 for making it's gamers wait. Recently U've boght loads of games for my PS3 and the last exclusive I bought for my 360 was Gears2! My 360 has been waiting for an age for something worth buying-even when ODST came out I, and many others, rented rather than buying as I already had nearly half the content already! The 360 just hasn't competed this year with only F3 to speak that highly of and even that hasn't sold that well and I wouldn't buy despite liking the series when T10 acted like d1ckheads.

However, the funny thing is that you use AW as a part of your revuke to the PS3 owning massive! Alan Wake is the most delayed and put back game in the history of the 360! Well, apart from Huxley which was shown pre launch with AW at E3 2005! Waiting game indeed! You're so silly!

Sony won't be very scared of much with a double whammy of Kratos and GR, will it? It's like iof MS had a Gears and aHalo in the same month-it really is and if AW aells half as much as either I'll be shocked. I'll be getting it mind as I will SC:C but the Sony offerings are still way above those titles on most multiple console owners lists let alone how appealing they are to Sony only gamers. Don't troll if you're going to be daft about it!

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3sq3683d ago

Sony needs not to rethink, it's SE who should rethink of releasing FFXIII in March. God of War 3 and GT5 here I come, babe.

Chubear3683d ago

Yeah, I think they're trying to get it in for the end of fiscal year tally in March. They should move it to April but that could/would mean Sony will likely end up with a much bigger close out for the fiscal year if MS's 360 doesn't have FF13 for March.

So I'm guessing SE is doing what they have to do for their buddy.

facelike3683d ago

I was thinking, didn't God of War III have a March release date before most of the other March releases were pushed back into that month?

Max Power3683d ago

yes GoWIII had a March released date before the other two, plus every GoW game has been released in March. So, technically, the other two should move their dates, due to first come first server mentality. That is of course if I felt that they impinged on each other, which I don't. I think they all can survive that month, its not like they are only offered for one month.

hakis863683d ago

I actually think GT5 is the biggest seller, I mean look at the numbers for previous Gt titles.
God of War might have been pirated(?) but obviously sold a lot less. Final Fantasy sales are great, and with 2 systems I doubt that date will be changed.
So give us GOW3 BEFORE FF please...

Chubear3683d ago

GT5 does have a massive potential to be insanely more massive than previous GT 1st gen launches.

Remember, EA doesn't do Nascar any more and the only place to get authentic Nascar experience is in GT series. Millions of Nascar fans who didn't really know of GT will now go get GT for it's Nascar cars and circuits.

jessupj3683d ago

I agree, it's the other way round. It's not sony that should be rethinking the release date of the juggernaut GoW3, it's everyone else that should be rethinking their release date because of this massive title.

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dinsurya3683d ago

GOW III in march and all the rest can be in april/may.
Why delay the best game in the universe? thats lame.

rtonaey3683d ago

Reason being it's also coming to the Xbox 360

3sq3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Nope, it's not. Just look at Bioshock 2.