NoobTalk Editorial: Are reviewers too nice?

Anybody who hangs out on GameTrailers or visits every once in a while knows this – some websites give out perfect scores in reviews more frequently than Gordon Ramsey makes people cry on national television. But why does this happen? Are the reviewers playing their first game ever, ejaculating over the magical fact that a man on the televisional doo-hickey is talkin' to them? I believe that it's detrimental to the progress of games development and their individual achievements to give them a perfect score. Why?

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CrippleH3677d ago

They need to take a look at PS1-N64 metacritics. Now that's too nice. A lot of games in that era got 96-99 easily.

Saaking3676d ago

Yes they are. There's way too many 9+ games when there shouldn't be as many. I think it just the thought that an less than an 9= fail. That's NOT true. A game rated 7 is a pretty good game, an 8 is a very good game with some minor mistakes, a 9 is an amazing almost perfect game and a 10 is a game above all games. This notion that a game HAS to get at least a 9 to be "good" is just dumb.

Sub4Dis3676d ago

I don't think there has been a single game released this year that deserves better than a 9 by a real 1-10 ranking system...and that's being generous. This whole generation has maybe 1-2 9's.

I do think there are plenty of 8's though.

Blaze9293676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

It depends on what kind of reviewers we want to talk about. If we want to talk about Corporate reviews like IGN, Gamespot etc who get bribes and swag bags for big games, then yes...they are "too nice".

If we want to talk about honest reviewers that actually play the game and know what the hell they are talking about and spent money on the game so the sense of "value" is there - then no, they are usually correct.

I liked that review so much becuase it was honest and most important of all it came from a FANS perspective who actually know what the hell he was talking about. It's funny how IGN, Gamespot, 1up, and all of the bigger corporate outlets failed to mention how utterly retarded Forza 3's multiplayer mode is in comparison to Forza 2's.

I feel all the corporate outlets are "too nice" for big games because they don't want to upset fanboys and most importantly, publishers/developers. IGN gave ODST...a 9? Are you freakin kidding me? I own that game, loved it, had a great time but I would never give it even an 8. IGN was just "too nice" becuase its a Halo game.

Compared to someone who spent hard earned money ($60) on ODST - their opinion is very different.

So we got real reviewers who are usually correct on reviews becuase they have no one to upset nor do they have anything to gain vs Corporate reviewers who get bribed, like to hand out good scores for just being a (insert title) game here, and not to upset fanboys and publishers but when it's a game no one cares about (like a dragonball game) they just rip it to shreds.

KiRBY30003676d ago

GTA4 is at 98 and its not even the best GTA in the serie.

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StrboyM3677d ago

Most reviewers are scared....the label of fanboy is being thrown around like bras in a whorehouse so much that..its safer to

1.Have a disclaimer stating that you aren't a fanboy
2.Point out that you have all consoles ever created, so you cant be biased.
3. change(reviews articles...not scores) and answer to any fans that disagree to something your mis-spelled, mis-quoted, ect ect right in your forum.
4. give all the "supposed good games" 90 and above, even if its a 85 or below, or be cast into fanboy damnation hell, and have your site boycotted.

reintype3677d ago

Halo 3 has a better story than MGS4? Only if you're 12 or have a brain of one.

No other game this gen have made me feel happy to be a gamer today, and at the same time sad that it has to end, than the Epic Story that is called MGS4.

The only games that could possibly rival the story of Metal Gear games are:
1. Suikoden 1
2. Suikoden 2
3. Xenogears
4. Final Fantasy Tactics
and those are still subject for debate.

Darkfocus3677d ago

you've never played any PC games have you? :/

Nike3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yeah. No offense reintype, but there are some pretty awesome stories to be had on the PC as well.

The Longest Journey and it's sequel, Dreamfall; Grim Fandango; Planescape Torment - even more recent games like Half Life 2 and Portal (though they're also on consoles).

One game whose story is currently on my mind is Star Wars: Republic Commando. On the outset, it didn't seem to have a very deep story, but when you actually got through an entire campaign (that is, finishing up every single mission on one single planet or ship), you realized how complex and weaving the circumstances became. You're investigating why a Republic capital ship has suddenly resurfaced - and an hour later, when you're rigging the ship's turbo lasers to stop the Separatists from scuttling the hull while desperately fending off Droids, you'll find it hard to believe you got there.

Many other points to consider, but as for revisiting more current classics, Republic Commando is a great option.

Edit: If you can get DOSBox, you HAVE to experience "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream". Effing brilliant exemplar of story telling.

Edit 2 @Sub4Dis: Deus Ex. No One Lives Forever. Baldur's Gate 2. System Shock 2. The list is so long and so beautiful. :)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Console gaming > PC

Xenogears > Everything

edit: Dreamfall looks cool, after I beat Uncharted 2 maybe I'll try that one. The others seem too complicated, with so many menus and things on screen, that's why PC gaming sucks.

Sub4Dis3676d ago

he makes no mention of Half Life or Half Life 2. and what about Deus Ex?

and by the way, while i did very much enjoy MGS4, i would never consider it to be an "epic story." it's an okay story that is told repetitively throughout the game. i don't know how many times you get a full, detailed explanation about the nano machines. and sometimes it just drags on (like the 40 minute ending). and even if the story were close to as good as you praise it to be, it's told entirely through cut scenes. that's not really a game. you could have the exact same experience (story wise) if you screen capped someone playing it, and edited out all the 5 minute point A to point B sections.

before the fanboys get in an uproar, let me just repeat that i very much enjoyed MGS4, just don't think it's as amazing as some ppl do.

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RROD Service_Rep3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

they're only too easy on 360 games so they dont upset the average 12 year old age group for the 360.

BooHooBot3676d ago


patterson3676d ago

Game developers got clever, not only are they developing games but relationships with popular reviewers and review sites. They got smart with the PR aspect essentially. This friendly relationship helps ensure over inflated review scores and the cause for a lot of head scratching when reading most of them.

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