Aliens vs. Predator: Gory gameplay leak published a leaked vid of Aliens vs. Predator, that shows very gory gameplay.

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kaveti66163677d ago

Head-ripping FTW.

Only thing missing is Ahhnold.


Lightsaber3677d ago

As a general rule I hate FPS however this is one I cant wait to play. This and bioshock 2 and for the love of god make jedi knights 3 already

Greywulf3677d ago

I dont get why they have the color view for the predator...

im gunna stick to the heat variations.

ThanatosDMC3677d ago

You cant see aliens with Thermal View (humans only).

Madis0073677d ago

I played old AVP2 game :D
And guess what.
Online is still alive and this game is very old.
I love multiplayer.

I cant wait this.
My fav more: 10 solider and 10 aliens.

When some solider dies then solider will be alien too.
So you trying survive so long if you can :D

STONEY43677d ago

Didn't Activision shut down the master server last year?

ThanatosDMC3677d ago

Yeah, but there's this program or whatever you need to download and install to play with people.

STONEY43677d ago

Yeah, I know, but there aren't many people using it. Well, then again, last time I checked was 6 months ago...

ThanatosDMC3676d ago

Last time i checked was a year or so many months ago.

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sorceror1713677d ago

I'm in. First day, unless something really terrible happens.

DecoyOctopus3677d ago

children under 12 would have nightmares and feel sick lol this is really a mature game

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