Electro-Candy Review: Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Last resort, Muzzled and The Bogey Man – XBLA

By Special Guest Writer – Jennifer Allen

Who can honestly say that they don't like Wallace and Gromit? For the un-informed: they're a ridiculously charming Yorkshire based pair who always seems to be caught up in various humorous and wacky situations, making for some entertaining television for all the family. Oh and did I mention this is all done through the wonders of plasticine? Yes Wallace and Gromit truly is something a little bit special. A series of game episodes have been released for the PC over recent months, so it's great news to finally see Telltale Games release the remaining three episodes for the Xbox 360 in one big rush. It is a pity though that through doing this, the true weaknesses of the series have shined through a little more than I suspect they would have if they'd been released gradually, as was the case on the PC.

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HolyOrangeCows3677d ago

And I played the demo to the first W&G adventures. It was pretty fun and original.