Shattered Horizon could see a single-player campaign

TVGB: "Futuremark, best known for their PC benchmarking tools, recently ventured into the gaming business with Shattered Horizion, a multiplayer only zero-gravity shooter for the PC. When Emmanuel Petti, our resident PC game reviewer, got his hands on a copy it was an enjoyable time had by all. In fact, one of the few complaints he voiced was the fact that there was no single-player mode to provide visual direction or a more in depth storyline. Enter lead designer Antti Summala to provide some glimmer of hope to resolve that issue."

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micro_invader3679d ago

This game is a blast online. It would be cool if they go through with this, there's already a bit of a back story that they can build on.

toaster3679d ago

This game is waaaay under-hyped. Hard to shoot terrorists in Zero-G huh.
Try that one IW!

A full fledged single player would be amazing. Maybe (maybe) even on par with Crysis in visuals (maybe) but in a different sense.

Plus no blabbermouth 12 year olds in MP!

rawrockkillz3679d ago

Ya this game looks fun. I might get it if it goes on sale here sometime.

memots3679d ago

I picked it up pre-order for $17.99

That was pretty cheap for what this game offers. Its really fun finally a shooter that rewards quick thinking and strategy not just run and gun or spray and pray.

Pick it up dude its 19.99$ on steam and its worth every penny.