Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will support DirectX 11

It's official. DICE's upcoming shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will offer DirectX 11 graphics when it debuts this March. Up to this point DICE had considered their DX11 codepath for Bad Company 2 "experimental", but apparently ATI's been working with them and they're now at the point where they can officially offer DX11 graphics when the game debuts early next year.

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evrfighter4270d ago

Originally DICE had showed in a powerpoint slide that Directx11 would be reserved for Frostbite 2.0.

Big thanks to ATI for moving the industry forward. Looks like I have my reason to upgrade.

wxer4270d ago

okay so let me sum things ip

IW f*cked things up
DICE just toke the stage

so from now on
no COD
yes Battlefield: Bad Company

thank god i didn't buy MW2

toaster4270d ago

Does everyone know what this means?????
Well one word pretty much sums it up: MONUMENTAL

IW's engine will look like it was made for GameCube.

randomwiz4270d ago

just when IW insulted pc gaming, DICE saves it.

Noctis Aftermath4270d ago

great job ATI, this game is going to be great, but with dx11 compatability it will be insane.

darkmurder4269d ago

Dice are taking no chances (see what I did there), god I love their love for PC gamers!

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rawrockkillz4270d ago

Another reason why Battlefield:BC2 will be better than MW2.

Trizelda4270d ago

DICE is really showing the love to PC gamers.

Pandamobile4270d ago

I was reading through a lot of the DICE developers' Twitter pages and most of them REALLY favour working with PC. Especially that Repi guy. Gordon Van Dyke too.

Bumpmapping4270d ago

Damn DICE is on a roll.


lordkemp0074270d ago

Nice one.

Lets hope they roll a six because IW rolled a four.

Madis0074270d ago


We love you !!!
BF2 came out 2005 and 2009 you again updated game.

Perjoss4270d ago

thats impressive, for some reason i thought of DICE as a company to churn them out and not bother with updates, I was obviously wrong, more companies need to support their games a bit more.

peeps4270d ago

it's a massive update as well if i remember correctly. will have to pop on bf2 sometime actually. been a while

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The story is too old to be commented.