FF XIII: Possible DLC Overseas? None for Japan.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, Kitase told us: "Unfortunately, it has been decided that no DL contents will be available for the Japanese version due out in December, while no decision has been made for the overseas versions."

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Zedux3682d ago

360 might get some dlc I mean the remaining game just like Forza 3 thanks to lack of Bluray!

sinncross3682d ago

I think the Eng versions could.

I mean, previous FF titles have never released worldwide so close together .usually we see that the US or EU versions get extra content. This extra content translate to an 'International' rerelease in Japan.

Maybe DLC for US/ EU and then year or two later we see the FF13 International edition in Japan.

Its possible I think.

Noctis Aftermath3682d ago

If i read it correctly, he said no DLC by the time FF13 releases in japan, so they can release DLC for japan during sometime after the releasse....

Reibooi3681d ago

I don't know about acutal content being released via DLC(like new monsters quests and stuff) But I think it's very likely that with the backlash about not having both the Japanese and English the on the same disc(thanks to the 360) That they may just add a way to add the Japanese voice track via DLC. It would make alot of sense and if they priced it right it would make them ALOT of money as a large majority of the fans would get it simply because they prefer the Japanese to the English.

kalebgray923681d ago

dlc is such a waste unless its free and even then they had years to develop this ..... just include it in the game.... i dont want to buy an unfinished product...especially an unfinished rpg

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RockmanII73682d ago

No DLC in Japan means no DLC anywhere.

Simon_Brezhnev3682d ago

i do wonder how the Japanese would act if the Western 360 users get exclusive DLC.

KiRBY30003682d ago

riot in the streets, godzilla style.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3682d ago

If you can read between the line... he said that it depend how much microsoft will give to sh1t enix to have exclusive dlc.

Nitrowolf23682d ago

why would SE do that to JP. Thats there biggest spot for sales.
this got me thinking. What if the DLC are already on the JP versioon of the game and the US/EU version had to cut it out for reason i will not state.

MajestieBeast3682d ago

I will say it then for the inferior 360?

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The story is too old to be commented.