Activision: Sorry About Those Crap Cube Games

It's contrition week at Kotaku Tower! First Ubisoft apologised for their rubbish Wii launch games, now Activision are trying to make amends for grabbing the Gamecube and taking a big, third-party shit on it. Following the announcement of their financial results, Activision boss Robert Kotick, realising that Nintendo might actually make his boys some money, has changed his tune.

[GameCube] really became a non-strategic platform for us, and most of our development effort was focused on straight ports at low costs to leverage our franchises....

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ITR4745d ago

You should refund money to anyone that bought S3.

sak5004745d ago

What do u mean by S3?

Babylonian4745d ago

Man that game was really garbage on the Wii more than on the PS3 and 360, did you see how the textures were made........? You couldn't cause it looked like it had no textures!!

That was really a let down from Activision.

PS360WII4745d ago

That they are going to ramp up the good software and no more ports for Wii... with a port of Guitar Hero III....