Bungie Weekly Update: 11/13/09

Bungie writes:

"I want you to lean back and take a long, deep, cleansing breath.

As you begin to relax, allow your mind to drift away to a different place and time. Think back…waaaaaaay back. Remember when we first launched Bungie Pro Video, the technology formerly known as the thing you shouldn't still be calling BuTube?

Yeah, that was great. We wrote about how you were going to be able to take all of your favorite Film Clips from Halo 3 and turn them into videos you could play on your computer and stream over the World Wide Webs.

On that front we delivered, and plenty of people have been taking advantage. But we also promised a mechanism by which you could take advantage of more Render Minutes at a fine, but fair price. And that's where we hit a little snag."

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