Modern Warfare 2 Update Improves IWNet Matchmaking

Infinity Ward has released a new update for Modern Warfare 2 that brings improved IWNet matchmaking.

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Pandamobile3676d ago

Nothing could improve this sh1t except dedicated servers.

ambientFLIER3676d ago

I disagree...because you simply don't have to post on every single mw2 article.

iistuii3676d ago

Youve been on every MW2 link crying and moaning about everything mate. I know your gutted deep down that the rest of us are enjoying one of the greatest online FPS ever, but get a grip. If they don't fix the pc online , go get a console and enjoy like the rest of us. It'll be better your time spent playing games than spoutin your poison on here.

FrankDrebin3676d ago

Sounds like the PC version is running better than the PS3. Looks like Microsoft won another round of best version of the game.

randomwiz3676d ago

you don't understand how serious this is. Only pc gamers would know.

IW is trying to make the pc version like the console version, which goes against every rule in the book.

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Sophos3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

yeah, this sadly reminds me of Demi-god for anyone familiar with that fiasco. Except in this case, it seems piracy really isn't to blame (if we look at the PS3, though the results can be extrapolated to PC and 360 fairly easily). Even with amazing netcode, it seems nigh impossible to get the high fidelity latency possible with dedicated servers.

Too bad IW seem to be stubborn so far.

EDIT: What's really sad in my opinion is that tons of people still bought this game, so I can only assume that IWnet is here to stay... I wish people would be more saavy, but blind loyalty seems to be the norm nowadays, so I guess we'll be reaping what's being sowed.

Mutley4163676d ago

I might be a caveman but this game is no Fiasco...Good times and big parties....MW2=PWNG

kwicksandz3676d ago

Been playing it on a friends account. The matchmaking for Aussies is sh1t. Id say 6/10 games are yellow bars. Shame the game is fun

No dedicated servers = no sale

STONEY43676d ago

These guys are completely backwards. They require Steam to play the game, and use VAC, but they don't even use Steam's server system and instead use their IWNet crap.

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