G4TV: Just Cause 2 Impressions

Avalanche Studios' third-person action-adventure shooter Just Cause certainly had its issues, but it's tropical setting, highflying acrobatics and over-the-top stunt mechanics gave the game a unique identity and style, even if the gameplay and writing left plenty to be desired. With Just Cause 2, Avalanche is looking to expand and improve on every aspect of the previous title, and based on G4TV's brief time with the game, the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

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GiantEnemyCrab3673d ago

Love the first one! One of my first 1000 gamerscore games I earned.

It's a shame the game doesn't get much love here and all the previews have been largely ignored. It's seems the only time the game get's love here is when there is an "exclusive PS3 feature" that get's the fanboys poking out of their trousers.

TheBand1t3673d ago

Never tried the first, am interested in the sequel though.

chak_3673d ago

You're not alone waiting for it :)

can't wait, though i'd like a release date now