PS3: Striking a Balance

Turning the PS3's fortunes around isn't impossible - but it won't be easy.

What does Sony need to do to make people buy PlayStation 3? It's fairly clear that whatever the magic ingredient may be, the company hasn't found it yet. PS3 is selling, certainly, but it's not selling in remotely the kind of volume needed to challenge Xbox 360 - leaving aside Wii's flyaway sales curve.

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Bebedora4744d ago

When I see the big games showing up and the sales still goes on in the same slow manner I would state this question. Right now the answer is very obvious.

nice_cuppa4744d ago

thats what i think .

what do you think ?

wolfgang4744d ago

can't hurt sales. Might hurt their profit right now but they would recover within a few year with all those extra gamers buying games and accessories.

gta_cb4744d ago

ya know what they say

"you have to spend money to make money"

so bring on the price cut Sony =D

masterg4744d ago

Why do we keep seeing these articles.
The PS3 is doing fine. No games high price and it still keeps up with the 360 sales when you align the release dates. That pretty impressive if you ask me.

In fall the boost will come, not before.

wolfgang4744d ago

Except that the 360 had a supply problem that lasted for months because the demand was higher. Sony on the other hand has plenty of PS3 on the shelves right now, demand was filled within weeks.

TheMART4744d ago

Wrong. The 360 never sold as low as the PS3 did the last month/months.

Last month:

North America: 89k units (THe 360 sold about 200k to 300k every month since launch)

PS3 all markets: NA 89k, Jap 8k, Europe will be about the same as NA. About 200k world wide in a month. That's what the 360 sells in NA alone or above every month.

Thus. No the PS3 isn't on the same line as the 360 was.

Lex Luthor4744d ago

Why does everyone forget that the 360 had shortages for months and months where as there has been abundant supplies of ps3?

Torch4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

"Why does everyone forget that the 360 had shortages for months and months where as there has been abundant supplies of ps3?"

Perhaps it's the same reason why everyone forgets that the 360 had zero (next-gen) competition.

The PS3 is doing absolutely fine, especially considering that it's required to compete against not only the already-established 360, but the overlooked current red-hot fad that is the Nintendo Wii.

That said, in addition to the fact that the 360 shortage lasted for only a few months (at least here in Canada)...AND that there are "no" games...AND taking into consideration the PS3's (arguably) steep selling price, the ability for PS3 sales to remain aligned with those for the 360 suddenly seems like quite an impressive feat, doesn't it?

snoop_dizzle4744d ago

a price cut would definetly help, and more games.

That way i might have some extra money left over.

wolfgang4744d ago

I think the supply issue lasted till April so that would be 6 months.

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Odion4744d ago

except until March or April of 2006 the 360 had severe Supply problems.

nobizlikesnowbiz4744d ago

There won't be any price-cut anytime soon, because Sony can't take those losses yet. PS3 isn't cheap enough to produce yet for them to drop the price. But one things for sure, they need to cut it fast to have any chance of winning this thing.

Thats why I doubt Sony will win, they probably won't drop the price until next year, or in response to a M$ price cut. Which probably won't get the results their looking for when BOTH consoles drop in price, since the 360 will still be lower.

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The story is too old to be commented.