Microsoft Data Centers - getting bigger and better

Tina Wood of sit down with Michael Manos the senior director of Data Center Services there at Microsoft. Microsoft is building some massive facilities in various places around the world. It houses everything from Live to Hotmail. Can you imagine a building 1.3 miles big? And its full of thousands and thousands of servers. He talks about effeciency for environmental reasons and how Microsoft is going green.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4581d ago

M$ is preparing to take XBL to the next level.

nobizlikesnowbiz4581d ago

I wish I could find an application...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago

They are trying to get beta testers though, got my app for MGS a little over a month ago in my e-mail.

That is a hell of alot of servers, lot of freaking maintenance. I can see why Live is so fast with its downloads compaired to the PC with just a normal connection. To keep the price down those servers have got to be striped down hotrods.