TFMX Scores Modern Warfare 2 a 10/10

Modern Warfare 2 has just destroyed the benchmark of what FPS's should aim to be (Pun intended). It's honestly one of the best experiences we have had for a long long time. If you had lost faith in First Person Shooters this is the time to return to the spotlight. It's not often we score something a 10 out of 10!

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Sunny_D3684d ago

Well, that title saved me time from clicking this link. Oh. wait.

tripewire3683d ago


Any game review site scoring this anywhere, and i mean .00001 above an 8 (and thats being fecking generous) has no credibilty IMO.

The single player is a drab rush of incredibly formulaic shooting. set peices with great potential gutted by poor delivery of a good story.

The co-op is fun for about a day but lacks any depth due to not being able to rank up like in the MP portion.

The MP feels WORSE than MW1. Ask IW what they "got" and you sure as hell aint getting any guitar solo's or exploding confetti. I spent 5 minutes looking for someone to kill on my first game, which was in a full TDM server. Disgusting.

Add to this, the fact that the game was effectively broken beyond all recognition for the 1st 3 days I had it and im inclined to give it a 7, and half of that I'll admit is for the brand name alone.


your a joke m8 online is mint now
and the game is mint be you played it on vet mode

ZBlacktt3683d ago

Who is paying these people to review this game? Funny how all the gamers do not see a 10 at all....... at all. What was that avg score again? 5.5 was it.