Brazil's Forza 2 Shindig

Marcel Vega from Brazilian site Xbox Today attended the Forza 2 pre-launch party and has the pics to prove it! He writes:

"Just a quick recap: the press was invited to the pre lauch party of Forza Motorsport 2 at Granja Viana´s International Circuit (for Karts). After the press event, we were given the chance to participate on 2 tournaments: one on a real track and another on the 360 (Forza 2, fo course). Both winners received a Forza 2 themed Trophy (and I almost won the Forza 2 tournament, with a memorable second place, losing only the last race).

As you can see in the pictures, there was a Stock Car there as well, as Microsoft sponsors Team Officer, where Duda Pamplona (a Brazilian Stock Car Champion) is the racer. It sure looks cools with the 360 logo on the front. Duda drove the Kart that can be seen in another picture, that also has the 360 logo on it (and it looks great)."

Elsewhere the Forza 2 pre-launch parties got as interesting as playing the game on three Samsung monitors, proving once again that, yes, Brazilians know how to party.

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SuperSaiyan44578d ago

This game is just Forza 1 with a bit more lighting, wheres the next gen visuals? Sorry but this game makes me sick to the stomach every time I see it.

Forza 1 was amazing and had the graphics to prove it.

Forza 2 shares the same stuff as Forza 1 look at the track in the demo.

Sorry but its only getting good reviews because Microsoft has obviously paid reviewers.

Looking forward to GT5 instead, what a huge let down.

P4KY B4578d ago

Its sublime.

Nothing else compares to it.

And yes its been scoring low on the visuals but the other aspects of the game are so good the overall scores have been high.
The handling makes GT4 and PGR3 feel like mario kart.

Which is good. Because now Polyphony will try even harder to make GT5 even better.

And i will buy GT5 too.

ngg123454578d ago

the same score as graw 2, and motorstorm. How is that?