GameInformer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Review

After seeing this Wii port of the original Modern Warfare up and running on our giant television in the conference room, several editors independently dubbed it "Modern Warfare: Gag Reflex." Many gamers shared a similar sentiment when the project was announced, complaining that the Wii's processing power simply couldn't handle a title as graphically intensive as this legendary FPS. While they aren't wrong, they are missing a much bigger and more crippling problem: the Wii Remote.

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RememberThe3573680d ago

Oh Treyarch, you can do no good...

Gr813680d ago

I find it hilarious that they try to act as though the Wii-Mote isn't superior to dual analogue for fps games. They are in so much denial it ain't even funny.

I honestly don't know how ppl play FPS on HD consoles. It's just so stiff and in all fairness, lame.

I've said it once I'll say it again, HD consoles are wanabe PC's you want to experience the HD games the way they were meant to be played get a gaming PC, seriously. I'm not even a PC gamer but I've dabbed enough in it to know this truth.

Give me the Wii mote/chuck over dual analogue fps control any day of the week.

TheBand1t3680d ago

I plan on investing in a little something something this christmas just for me. :)

EvilTwin3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I have no idea how you get disagrees on this one. Saying IR/pointer is superior to dual analog is NOT controversial. It's FACT. The same way that a mouse/keyboard is superior to dual analog is a fact, and the same way that the remote/nunchuck doesn't one-up a mouse/keyboard setup. And yes, the same way that a PS3 or 360 have better graphics than Wii. Those things go past subjectivity; facts are facts.

OTOH, I can see how people prefer the high def consoles for FPS. They like the better graphics, and it's a bargain to get those graphics on a console compared to what a really powerful gaming PC costs.

But I prefer better controls. And I don't have the budget to own a nice gaming PC. I do for the Wii, and while the remote/nunchuck doesn't better a mouse/keyboard SU, it's getting closer and closer.

If the reviewer can't hack it, that's on him. The same way if he couldn't customize PC controls to his liking, it wouldn't be the game's fault.

And y'know, GI had no problems with Metroid Prime 3 (which controls in the same manner) when they reviewed it. But I'll get to that in a sec...

ape0073680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

look the wii has prove itself with amazing fps controles like metroid prime 3,it control great but I don't want ALL games with it,most games feels so annoying with wii controls

PLUS in my opinion,360\ps3 control is better,it feels more focused

EvilTwin3680d ago

ape007 -- You're right, I shouldn't have been so broad in my statement.

I prefer the remote/nunchuck for console FPS. The remote w/M+ makes TW10 the best golf sim yet created.

But a traditional game pad works better for certain other games. Racing games suck with tilt controls, IMO. I like playing Madden with a traditional controller (although the "Call Your Shot" feature is a good idea). Motion controls are not necessary for fighting games (even Smash Bros).

There are some games where the Wii remote shines, and some where it doesn't. I think console FPS is a good example of a strong point. It's as close as you can get to PC-levels of precision; dual analog just doesn't come close in that respect.

asdr3wsfas3680d ago


The fragfx is a very light and flimsy mouse. While it is good any pc gamer spoiled on their mouse of choice will not like it as much. That said Mag with it will rule and we have no choice there. Also know that people in COD call mouse players cheaters because they're goddamn n00bs.


The analog stick only takes input from velocity. The mouse takes input as position and speed in changing position. By definition dual analog is less accurate - yuo can prove this.

hatchimatchi3680d ago

i'll take dual analog anyday over ir pointing. GI summed it up perfectly,

"...Second, using the Wii Remote as a pointer for first-person shooters sucks. When playing an FPS with a traditional controller, the majority of the time your aiming stick is at rest – you make minor corrections via minute taps to control where you are looking. Conversely, the Wii Remote requires you to constantly aim at the center of the screen, lest your POV sways around like a drunkard falling off of a barstool."

Saying IR is better is not FACT, it's an opinion. Yes it's technically more accurate but it's not nearly as comfortable or user friendly. If fps controls are only done properly on the wii (as so many wii fanboys claim) then why do all the wii fps games play so horribly. The only good one imo is MP3: Corruption.

ChickeyCantor3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

The bandit is gonna cheat ?


Playing against analog is kinda a cheat if you use mouse xD

" the Wii Remote requires you to constantly aim at the center of the screen"

ITS CALLED A BOUNDING BOX. When you dont move with the analog your thumb is resting, when you dont aim with the Wii-mote your hand is resting, how is this any different?
( O, unless you actually hold your arms in the air...LOL)

EvilTwin3679d ago

Hatch -- You said yourself "technically more accurate." If something is more accurate and faster, how is it not better in a genre that is dependent on accuracy and speed? And as Sidar said, the reviewer saying you have to point in the middle of the screen the whole time is a complete lie. You CAN do that if you want, but you'll have to shrink your bounding box the entire way. In MWR, I certainly don't.

Corruption, Conduit and COD4 all have good control schemes. In essence, they're the same. You can customize the last two to play like Corruption if you'd like. If you don't find the setup "comfortable," change it.

How the heck are some people playing Wii FPS? I play with my hands where I put a normal controller: on my lap, knee, or an arm rest. Pivot to aim from the wrist. Comfort isn't even an issue for me. And the accuracy is a lot better.

Only in fanboy wars can a faster more accurate setup that can be totally customized be referred to as "worse" than clunky dual analog.

[And this isn't a slam against dual analog for all purposes. It has simply ALWAYS been the inferior choice for FPS. It works fine for other genres.]

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Brasi823680d ago

That once and for all the only thing reviewers care about is awsome graphics. He fail to mention that they took the lead from High Voltage Software and made there control scheme 100% customizable. Its not Treyarch's fault that the person the reviewed this game is a complete bumbling idiot who cant even find buttons on the Wii-mote. I refuse to even accept the FREE magazine I get from Gamestop just because GameInformer are a group of the most moronic reviews out there next to EDGE.

Gr813680d ago

yeah it is funny that gamestop has to give this magazine away for FREE..And even being free it's still a tough sell Lol.

EvilTwin3680d ago

I honestly gave up on GI because of their review for NMH. Up until that point, I had trusted GI's reviews. Although I started disagreeing with them more and more, I thought they were still fair and objective. So I read their NMH review and didn't buy the game.

Huge, huge, huge mistake.

They were so wrong (and inconsistent, they singled out violence in this game while celebrating it in games like GoW) that it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

NMH score from GI = 60
MWR score from GI = 65

So basically add 20 to GI, and you get the right score.

Kisama3680d ago

Mouse+WADS > Wiimote+Numchuck > garbage > Dual Analog Stick. True story.

kaz-hirai3680d ago

Are these 360 screens shots ?

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