Resident Evil 4 - GameCube to PC comparison

A crisper clearer version of Resident Evil 4? See how the GameCube classic translates to the PC.

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ITR4161d ago

The PC ver looks a bit clearer and lighter.

I really don't care for that crazy red targeting laser.

I wonder how it looks compared to the newer Wii ver.

powerslide4161d ago

i have the ps2 version and i think it looks better than the pc version. The lower number of poligon and the lighting makes it look creepier.

GamingFun4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

wow umm I think it time to get off that high horse my friend. GC version has always been said that it had better visuals then the PS2 version. Seeing that the PC version seems brighter and clearer than the GC version it's okay to say that the ps2 version is not as nice as the PC version. It's okay to say because it's still a great game

edit: okay re-read your post. I see what you're saying now. Disregard my silly rant

Rooted_Dust4161d ago

Is wether or not it supports mouse aiming....if not I'm going to write this off as another crappy port like DMC3 or Halo.