Wii Must Learn from Our Mistakes

If Nintendo wants the Wii to win this console war, they would be smart to learn from their GameCube mistakes. After all, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

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mikeeno75794d ago

Yeah! Lets learn from our mistakes, and call our next console the Wii!!

NJ1307RS5794d ago

Don't be hatin. The Wii is at least more innovative than the 360. I think it might end up something like this:

PS3 125,000,000
Wii 35,000,000
360 32,000,000

mikeeno75793d ago

yes, and the 360 is more innovative than the PS3 so i predict
360 125,000,000
Wii 100,000,000
PS3 Cancelled