Cynamite Review: Borderlands

Cynamite: The test of Borderlands leads us to a pitch-black cave, from which you hear a bloodcurdling howl. Very good! This means the dog-like Skag has sensed our bait. With the steps that would bring the desert floor to the quake, the five-meter high monster trudges out into the daylight and devoured the roast with a man-sized morsels. Although Skagzilla - as the nickname of the creature - is feared by the population and enjoys a reputation as a man-eater, there are three things which give us courage: a) to our clients the skull of the monster into a versatile payment worth. b) By level 22 we are in the food chain pandorianischen a good bit above the tourist fright. c) Our newly captured acid rocket launchers, the problem is already solved (on).

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