ResumePlay Review: Modern Warfare 2

Brian Meyer of ResumePlay writes: "This game follows its predecessor by doing the unthinkable: topping it. With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward enters into the discussion of legendary studios and franchises. The "modern" war style has completely rebooted the Call of Duty brand, allowing it to comfortably ease into the massively multi-player online world of today's console generations. Infinity Ward clearly realized what was riding on this sequel in terms of expectations, and they succeeded resoundingly in creating a prestigious follow-up to an epic best-seller."

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mau643678d ago

I just absolutly love this game

BeckyWagner3678d ago

People are seriously taking the time to click that they disagree with your opinion that you love this game? Lol! I disagree, Mau64, with your assertion that you love this game. I think you actually hate it!

CheatsMcGee3678d ago

I can't wait to play this. I'm a bit saddened by the fact that the campaign is extremely short in it though. =/

mau643678d ago

It's short but man the game ramps up to a degree that should be plays by anyone who is even remotley interests in fps games

VenerableBmoney3678d ago

Agreed. Veteran is hard though. If you want a challenge beyond just regular mode, it's worth playing. It's crazy how fast you get swamped and how few bullets you can take.

Campaign plot was epic, IMO. Very well thought, carefully executed. A bunch of good "WOW!" moments (seeing surroundings, surprise cameos, etc.)

stoppre3678d ago

i loved the single player campaign...but i think the multiplayer needs some serious balancing. I think the multi could have really benefited from a beta. Also I think the customizable kill streaks have really made a lot of players want to just sit in one spot and camp for their streaks. But....its not even been out a week so lets hop they can remedy some of these issues...

mau643678d ago

I agree with you, it could have helped it. I haven't seen any glitches or anything yet, but some of the maps need some work with them... And please campers, freaking quit already.

VenerableBmoney3678d ago

Hard to remedy a personal choice to camp. And yea, I agree it's because of the killstreak focus. BUT, here's my take- lower the bullet power enough to balance. Players are completely disadvantaged when they are seen by a building dweller. Make it so those players on the ground can get shots off and actually damage someone in a window.

Since they took out Juggernaut, there's not balance for Stopping Power either. Regardless of how "lame" some people saw Jugg, it made sure that Stopping Power wasn't exclusively bad ass...

Dukeoffl3678d ago

I LOVE THE MULTIPLAYER. but i like the campaign more

VenerableBmoney3678d ago

You're such a severe minority in that statement, it hurts my brain.... :)

ambientFLIER3678d ago

Good to know, emo f4g. We'll take up your slack.

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The story is too old to be commented.