IGN previews co-op in Haze

Unlike Rainbow Six Vegas, another Ubisoft title with four-player co-operative play, the co-op in Haze doesn't feel like a tacked-on afterthought. According to Derek Littlewood, Team Leader at Free Radical, co-op was always planned for Haze. "Four player online co-op has been part of HAZE since the very start of development. In fact, it was one of the very first features we decided on, as everyone at Free Radical believes co-op play is just great fun."

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techie4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Nice to see that TheMart is once again full of sh/t. 4 player coop running on ps3's (as it will do in rainbow six also). Plus Jay da 2KBalla ..."I honestly dont think the playstation network is up to it". Also full of cr*p. Bring on no lag coop.

MK_Red4744d ago

Nector overdose moments in co-op will be crazy! I loved splitscreen in TimeSplitters, in Haze I hope they are as good as that title.

shysun4744d ago

This is going to be one kick ass game!:)

HyperBear4744d ago

This game looks kick ass man. Its as and almost as good as what Crysis is looking to be on the PC. Does anyone know if there is any word on whether this game is going to be a timed exclusive for PS3, or released for PS3,360 and PC on same day?

Rythrine4744d ago

timed exclusive for ps3....sometime in 2008 it'll come to 360

FadeToBlack4744d ago

The 4 player coop of Rainbow Six Vegas did not feel like a tacked on afterthought. Must have had a few hits of the peace pipe.

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