Was Modern Warfare 2 Really The "Biggest Launch In History"?

Activision claimed yesterday that Modern Warfare 2 was the "biggest launch in history across all forms of entertainment". Not just games. All forms of entertainment. That's a big claim. Let's see if it holds up.

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Pandamobile3684d ago

Biggest disappointment too.

El_Colombiano3684d ago

The online is utter trash. Sorry to under exaggerate but its true. I must admit though, IW knows what up with a SP game. Makes a FANTASTIC rental.

hobokiller3683d ago

The online is okay, but only because it's almost the same as CoD 4. The SP wasn't really up to standard with the CoD franchise.

MajestieBeast3684d ago

Also award for biggest over hype.

Mr Bobby Kotick3683d ago

Yes and thanks for buying the game.

KeenanTheSavage3679d ago

common dudes, we already got this posted. *sigh* usefulness fail.