Xbox console ban is 'permanent'

Thousands of Xbox 360 owners who have been cut off from Microsoft's Xbox Live service will have to buy a new console if they want to play online again.

Microsoft told BBC News that banned machines will be permanently barred and "unable to connect to Xbox Live".

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cyborg69713678d ago

How else would they get anyone to buy the POS. They know the ps3 is just getting it's legs under it and it hasn't even built up speed, more like a canter. Just wait until the thing is at full gallop. Trampling MS all the way to the bank.

foreverflame3676d ago

Who gives a fu*@k the Psn is a ghost town

PirateThom3676d ago

Unlike Live, which is closer to a nursury.

TheTruth20093676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

The PS3 is a great console that is a fantastic movie player. Nothing more. The games may be great, but no one buys them. Including YOU.
Wasn't the lineup supposed to be awesome this holiday?
You know what I've heard since those great games released?


cyborg69713676d ago

If no one cares then why is the ps3 dominating the other two consoles. And that's the truth, eh truth.

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wxer3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

thats just sad
im 100% MS did this just to sell more consoles

pirating came second to them or just a cover
i mean
why now ???
why not before ??

pirating on the 360 has been in here looong time ago and MS knew about it
but did nothing about it

but now that the PS3 is outselling the 360
they want to move more consoles
they banned all of those ppl just to sell more consoles

patterson3677d ago

The timing of it is fishy I agree. Plus they'll rake in more money from the bannees paying for another LIVE subscription; the real source of income for M$. They essentially got them to pay for LIVE twice.

mintaro3676d ago

Hmmm.... I guess I see your point, after all what company wouldn't love to lose millions and millions of dollars to pirates.

There must be an ulterior motive

Pirateogta3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Jesus Christ! Why the hell would Microsoft ban 1 million PIRATES just to get more sales? The PS3 has only been outselling the 360 for 2 months, and barely. The 360 had outsold the PS3 for 13 months straight before the Slim launched. And the 360 still has by far the best software sales of any console, which rake in most of the cash.

Greywulf3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

"We believe that even one modified console on the system is one too many" - Microsoft.

Yet they knew that they had 1 million+ illegal consoles out there Inflating their bs #'s, And didn't happen to notice till the PS3 Slim?

Pirate, easy..

they didn't buy the Live accounts. So they have to buy new consoles to use their account. Simple as that, even MS said it.MS Hates pirates so much, they let them keep their id.

You've got Timing against you. MS's own greed against you, the fact they could have done this hourly, thats also against you, as well as the PS3's pricedrop, thats also against you. The terms of service didn't suddenly change either.

Its directed at 1million+ Xbox live players that they know play online.

But yeah its a conspiracy..

Microsoft doesn't have the resources to crackdown piracy on their own console until now.

freeblue3676d ago

funny they banned soo many consoles near the holiday shopping season.

erathaol3676d ago

I thought the expression was, "Better late than never!"

Although timing is everything and it is the Holiday season. God forbid Sony actually beats them in sales for 1 year.

NineteenSeventyNine3676d ago

. . . and the tinfoil hats get larger.

gaffyh3676d ago

So I guess there's only two ways this can go from now:

1. Banned people get pissed off and buy a PS3 this month = high PS3 sales

2. Banned people buy another 360, pay for another Live subscription because they want to play MW2 or Halo 3 (for the one millionth time BUY ANOTHER GAME YOU CHEAPSKATES) = high 360 sales this month.

bjornbear3676d ago

You got it all wroong, they've been doing this from the start

Its called RROD ;)

On a serious note, i do doubt they said "OK, we need more sales, LETS BAN"

However, they aren't stupid, and see this as an extra, and were probably waiting to have a big enough instal base before acting =)

Pirateogta3676d ago

The comments here make you lose all hope in humanity. Where have all the intelligent people gone?

Triella3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

According to MS Xbox Live terms of use, you're also at risk of ban if you use third party HDD or if you had an unauthorized repair (i.e self-repaired console), which is pretty improper if you ask me.

Blaze9293676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@wxer and everyone else who agrees with him

Are you all REALLY this retarded? So now Microsoft bans systems to boost sales? Are you kidding me? Why now of all time? Uhhh...becuase the do it in periodical waves and always have been? What are they supposed to do, just let those pirated systems still be allowed to access Xbox LIVE?

What makes you think these banned systems owners will even go out and buy another 360? Microsoft could very well be helping Sony with people who go buy a ps3 becuase they don't want another 360 when one still works just fine but just cant connect to something you have to pay for. It's not like they got nothing to loose. Chances are, if they were on a modified system, they were playing pirated games.

But wow...actually saying Microsoft is doing this to boost sales? Thats just stupid. I'm with you @Pirateogta on this one.

Seriously, just google this crap and you will see Microsoft has always done this in waves usually all around at the same time. It's how they operate - even with system updates (Spring and Fall)

GUNS N SWORDS3676d ago

what was the advantage of owning a modified xbox?

living without being connected sounds bad, what do you do when you need to get updates for your games?

NineteenSeventyNine3676d ago

@ pirateogta

We're being promptly debubbled. I'm now down to four myself.

Greywulf3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

This is MS's largest banwave. Which everyone knows.

Which is why its news.

Why would a *PIRATE* buy a ps3, when you can't pirate PS3 games? Most pirates generally own multiple 360's to begin with. One for their main account, and the other for the pirated games..AgainIf MS cared about piracy and banning people, they would ban accounts & consoles. Not just consoles.

Which is the point..

MS said 1 pirate is too many, yet they let it go to 1 million right before MW2's release?

Surely.. you're not serious are you?

Facts = Stacked against you at this point, all you can do is say you doubt a PIRATE would buy a 360 to continue to hack & mod until the next wave.... Yea they are going to stop pirating...


003676d ago

and its conspiracy theories.

IdleLeeSiuLung3676d ago

I mean, does the timing matter? Is it wrong to spur sales?

After all these are the people that have been buying consoles and then stealing from all of us legitimate gamers by making it more expensive for everyone else.

I mean after all, if you pirate:

a) you are not contributing to developers/publishers that made the game. You are passing the cost on to others that legitimately buy the games.

b) you are potentially (especially earlier on) buying a machine at a loss for MS, that they will never regain. Granted that is their business model, is it wrong of them to disable your machine for violation of terms?

If you are a pirate, you are a parasite in the gaming industry and frankly have no right to complain!!!

HolyOrangeCows3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Not so long as hackers are alive.

They're going to work day and night to create work-arounds. Piracy already has a community living in the xbox base, and it's not likely to just go away.

Feral Gamer3676d ago

"im 100% MS did this just to sell more consoles "

Why would they want to sell more consoles to pirates, anyway? Wow PS3 fanboys' conspiracy theories are getting out of hand.

4Sh0w3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

So banning pirates will make them happily go out an buy a new 360?

I guess they shouldn't do anything about piracy, oh and be sure cheaters, pirates or hackers will continue to find ways to screw developers and all of us fair minded gamers and microsoft will continue catching on to them and banning them, I'm glad they are take a hard line against them, if they choose to buy another 360 and play by the rules then thats great, if they choose to go without Live then thats fine and if they choose to stick to ps3/pc then thats fine too, at least devs/360 owners both with get shafted a little less than before. If its one thing I do know, not fighting against piracy is like saying putting up a neon sign inviting them in.

lol, at the conspiracy theories, there few for everything microsoft does, if its sony comments would sound like "great job sony for fighting piracy". uggh Fanboys.

Jamescagney3676d ago

Lol at the conspiracy theories. There's always a conspiracy.

Some of you aren't right in the head.

Cyan83133676d ago

Just like they did last year.. And the year before that.

You might want to ask M$ why they ONLY ban consoles in November ? Hmm ? Christmas sales comming up maybe...

For the pirate buying a arcade and modding it once a year FAR outweigh the cost of buying the games each month. Arcade being the equalvilent to 4 new games at most ?

If M$ wanted to stop the piracy they would first have to make it more expensive to pirate the games. And they would have to do that by banning each month or maybe 3 months.

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DrRobotnik3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

1.Buy 360,RROD.
2.Buy new 360,Trade in for Elite with new falcon chip in fear of RROD
3.New 360 Elite gets RROD,Buy new 360 Elite(with some random bundle pack)
4.Mod new 360 Elite,gets bricked from ban.Buy 2 new 360's, One to mod and play off line games. And one to play online.....

Pure brilliance on Microsoft's part.

It's like watching an abused wife on Jerry Springer, trying justify why she still loves her abuser.LOL.

rogimusprime3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

how is that news? What's also permanent is my ps3 still works, and the hackers will just come up with a way to get around this new crackdown. The forbidden fruit is always the best.

XBOX live is only fun (personally) for shooters like gears, Halo, and RE5, and MW. Other than that? I have no problem playing offline.

I do think Microsoft has a little too much power over MY console. Imagine if they told you, after finding your copy of windows was pirated, that your ethernet port couldn't connect to ANYTHING ever again and there was no recourse for it.

Where was this self righteousness before they got slapped with a class action on the RROD warranties and scratched discs?

Remember, its still legal to play backups as long as you own them.

Just because you agreed to some terms of service in your frantic haste and elation to get online doesn't make them valid.

If you signed on a new mortgage but didn't see the line about letting them rape you every other friday, does that still make you wrong for living in the house and not letting them rape you?

I want developers who make good games to get paid, but leave people alone. You already gauge the hell out of us for microtransactions and proprietary accessories and there seems to be no shortage of idiots who will pay for them, recession be damned.

Immortal3213676d ago

shout out xbl is better, then pays 50 bucks a year.
shout out 360 have better games, then buys a multiplat.
shout out 360 controller is better, then run out of batteries.
Now they don't care for gaming
tries to justify why xbl is better
the system RROD....


IdleLeeSiuLung3676d ago

You are what is wrong with our society. Because you failed to read an agreement, we should annul it?

The whole basis for an agreement is that *SHOCK* you agreed to it. If you didn't bother to read it then you deserve whatever recourse happens. It is spelled out to you clearly.

This is the same kind of sh!t that caused this economic mess. People that don't read, and don't understand what they are getting themselves into then crying about it later and expect the people that did the right things to rescue you.

All we ask is read and comprehend, don't expect others to correct your wrongs!!!

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Mr Bobby Kotick3676d ago

I dont care as long as they buy my guitar,s and dj sets.

Anti-Fanboyer3676d ago

You found another way to rack in some more $.

The rate of disgruntled consumers will rise, and move over to the "dark" side.

DuneBuggy3676d ago

I bet MS would rather the pirate buy a PS3 than continue to steal from them or find another workaround.
Its not like MS is getting anything from a pirate anyway.