Call of Duty 3 First Look: Battle Through France

Late last year, Call of Duty 2 emerged as one of the most accomplished launch titles on the Xbox 360--but then again, it was no slouch on the PC either. But less than a year later, how is it that Activision is already prepping a third entry in the wildly popular World War II series for release this fall? It did it by shifting production from series creator Infinity Ward to Treyarch, the LA-based development house that Spider-Man built, and a company that already cut its teeth on the Call of Duty franchise with the console-only Big Red One.

But what we've seen so far of Call of Duty 3 indicates its scope will far exceed that of Treyarch's previous effort with Big Red One. So many World War II games have focused on the famous D-Day landing at Normandy, but few (if any) have ever examined the weeks-long campaign that followed as the Allies pushed their way deeper into France in an attempt to strike at the heart of Hitler's empire. COD3's single-player campaign will center on this lengthy and complex military action, a collaboration between American, British, Canadian, and Polish forces--and of course, you'll get to play as members of all four throughout the game.

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Zaskark55797d ago

I hope more people than 8 can play online unlike the last Call of Duty.

Evil5797d ago

I read 24 players online.

achira5797d ago

this game looks like cod2. i hope ingame it will offer more effects and detail.

SDS Overfiend5797d ago

I thinks weapons so be obtainned and not offered on start up and then you will have the perfect game.(Till halo 3.)

TheMART5797d ago

"we got to see the game running on the 360. Nobody would call the last Call of Duty a bad-looking game, but still, it's immediately striking what a visual leap Treyarch has made with this sequel. From fine details--like the bump-mapped wrinkles on soldiers' uniforms and the many, individually modeled blades of grass--to the massive scope of the battlefields, complete with booming cinematic set pieces like a fighter crashing into a church steeple overhead, Call of Duty 3 looks markedly better than its predecessor did. If nothing else, it's encouraging to see developers continuing to squeeze more and more performance out of the Xbox 360. "

Probably it's developed on the 360, so it's probably ported to the PSZero. Would that give less graphics this time?

PS360PCROCKS5796d ago

This game is a definite buy, COD2 is still one of my favorites, but lately since I FINALLY beat this one part of GRAW after seriously like 2 months, that games sick

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