The Wii In Mii Can Feel No Glii

Gamer Limit writes "Do I have your attention yet? I thought so. Let me start by saying that this article is by no means intended to be a dig at the evolution of consoles, nor the legions of fans that swear by the Wii. Rather, I aim to look at how Nintendo managed to shun a large majority of its gamers by creating a casual, and ultimately boring, next-gen system."

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Ziriux3674d ago

Nice sarcastic title guys.

N4g_null3674d ago

Blogs like this explain why natal and pseye will fail.
First is the every one image which seems to turn grudging hd pc gamers into trolls since they are trapped between pc and consoles. It is almost funny how gaming has to be cool for them to like it.

Notice how he was a sega fan.... That along shows what he is about. Sega had nothing but fanboys and sonic will never sale simply because fanboys have told them selves not to like it.

The wii is console gaming. Younger gamers and true hardcore gamers love it. You can see who is playing because gaming went mainstream. They don't look at gaming before 3d consoles and miss it. Why because they simply where not there.

They always bring up a handful of games also. Then on top of this they simply choose not to care about vc and wiiware games.. I'm not sure what these passive aggressive post are suppose to do?

As a designer I think they signal the end of a fad. Most gamers are not sure why games are cool and most believe coolness is the same for every one. Many gamers left gaming because they grew up. Many gamers are unhappy with gaming right now because they keep them selves from having fun.

Many want console gaming to become some that it can not at this point in time. Consoles can not replace pcs period. This has been prove time after time. And pcs can not replace consoles. They both satisfy different things and it is safe to say many have no idea what can keep a company solvent and still grow the fanbase.

Hd gaming is set to shrink. Fps fan are easy to please as mw2 illustrates yet once they reach a certain skill level or when the game is no longer a cool hang out it is dead.

Mature gamers need online friends so they will not feel awkward. Ms proves this with live. HD customer are created.

Of course these people would not like the wii it is the definition of hardcore and goes against mainstream hd gaming. The sales of halo amd mw2 proves all of this. These guys are truly bored. Maybe because they never really liked gaming.

JQ3674d ago

I haven't touched my Wii since I finished Twilight Princess.

Ziriux3674d ago

Besides a few marios and metroid primes nothing worth of booting up the console.

Fullish3674d ago

I use mine for homebrew (not piracy!), works pretty well with a portable hdd.

Yuenanimous3674d ago

Hopefully New Super Mario Bros will get me back into the Wii.

N4g_null3674d ago

So I guess the question now is what games do you know about? Or maybe you are just saying that to blindly protest the wii. If you love hd gaming so much try telling more poeple about what makes them great. If you run out of reasons then it is a chance it's not that great.

Don't let gaming be more about trolling than gaming. That is like having sex with out an organism. Eating food with out tasting it. You can not bring something like the wii down by complaining.

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StartWars3674d ago

I wholeheartedly agree - that console is utter wii wii.

DangerCurtis3674d ago

Yeah, the Wii has tapered off tremendously over the past year or so, but let's hope the new mario game will be the sign of a revival.

CaulkSlap3674d ago

It was garbage at launch. Just took this long for people to realize it. Software went nowhere fast. Best games even work better with Gamecube controllers. Considering the hardware isn't any better the games could've been on Gamecube.

SilverDragon19793674d ago

There are a lot of good points in this article, but I hate seeing the Wii get no love.:-(

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