Gamernode: Nostalgia Review

Gamernode writes: "Mastering the role-playing genre is a challenge that few are suited to tackle. Unfortunately, most JRPGs that have been released recently are testament to this. We've played through the exact same scenarios countless times. And to what end? We usually end up wishing that the RPG of the day were more like ones that we played in our formative years... more like the ones we love and can't quite forget. In this, we tend to get a little nostalgic. Thus, Nostalgia, a spectacular RPG for the Nintendo DS, was born. While it doesn't deviate from the norm as far as standard RPG cliches go, it's teeming with personality and exuberance. It may not reinvent the genre, but its earnesty certainly does it a lot of favors in recalling those warm feelings of happiness and excitement when we first delved into the genre. It's cheerful, simple, and entertaining. And I'm hoping to see a sequel."

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