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GrE writes, "As a fan of wrestling for the past 23 years, I jumped at the chance to review this title. I've been hearing many great things about this series in recent months. I haven't had a chance to play much in the way of recent wrestling titles other than the likes of TNA Impact (Xbox360) and WWE Raw 2 (Xbox), so this is a fresh opinion on this game without being up to date on the series..."

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squif3679d ago

I am not a big fan of wrestling, but I can respect the athleticism of the people in it.

bgrundman3679d ago

too bad alot of them look like circus freaks anyway...

roblef3679d ago

yeah, steroids can make anyone into an athlete though.

Leio3679d ago

I never get the point of wrestling its not even real fights ?

CobraKai3679d ago

Consider it more of a stunt show than a real fight.

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bgrundman3679d ago

Grown up soap operas is all these are.

squif3679d ago

but at least they are entertaining.

roblef3679d ago

Athleticism? Where? Acting, of course!

3679d ago