More features for PS3 version of Just Cause 2

PlayDevil just got back from a 'Just Cause 2' event in London where developer Avalanche announced a few interesting EXCLUSIVE PS3 features for their upcoming action/adventure game.
These will not be inserted into the X360 version.

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playstation1235066d ago

Again ps3 gets the superior version haha :D

WenisWagon5066d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV episodes.

wxer5066d ago

MS paid 50 million $ for those

Sony paid NOTHING for this


Aquarius5066d ago

peniswagon that comment sounded really pathetic and off topic.

I sense Butthurt.

Lykon5066d ago

stood str8 up in the air, super hard when i saw this news. i loved just cause, im gonna buy a special red jockstrap and red footie socks with shin pads to wear while playing this game on PS3, i dont care about recording video or if under a 100 x magnification an edge is slightly sharper on one console. I love this game, hence the pre cum.

RedDragan5066d ago

Let me tell you about how both companies (Sony and Microsoft) work. It is quite a contrast in sensibility.

Microsoft pay $50M for DLC for GTA4, this deal only includes Downloadble Content, which is not stated in the deal to be exclusive for all time.

Sony pay $33M for Evolution Studios, which is the producer of popular title Franchises Motorstorm, the WRC series and Pursuit Force. When buying Evolution Studios for less than the price Microsoft paid for content they do not own, Sony also bought into Big Big Studios.

Now, you tell us all. Which of these deals is value for money and which will gain which company the most sales?!

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Ps_alm3k5066d ago

Ps3 will get supperior gaming!!
Jealousy means you care...muahahahahahah!!!!

solideagle15066d ago

u will see shift in PS3 version of games because they are providing tools using in U2.....but damn i m already seeing shift :) hehehe


deadreckoning6665066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

OMG, the Bad Company 2 beta, now THIS! This is starting a trend, im SOO happy I have a PS3! We all knew this would happen, in due time, ALL multiplats will be better on the PS3 and have exclusive things on the PS3. Developers are realizing the potential in the PS3 and how to use it to their advantage. Not trying ta hate on the 360, but I thk(with the exception of COD) that it will lose its edge in multiplats very soon.

WildArmed5066d ago

Bloody awesome.
The features that were implemented in 2.30 firmware (i think) with video capture are being used.. awesome :)
Just Cause was a fun sandbox.. and now it looks like JC2 will be a badass sandbox.

skeletonss5066d ago

It's the system not the game. Xbox isn't capeable of that. Or did you not read what it said?

badz1495066d ago

I went to the site and there it is...MW2 background and it's eye sickening!

DaTruth5065d ago

Only reason this hasn't been done before is; "teh multiplat same factor". Devs leaving whole features out of a version because either machine can't support it. If MS didn't mandate and cross game chat in all 360 games they would probably leave it out!

One of the reasons exclusives get so much attention. 3rd party devs will leave anything out if they can, instead of making the most out of everything a system has to offer. We should have 2 versions with five different features in each!

vhero5065d ago

Wow and MS STILL expect you to pay £50 a year for XBOX Live.

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corywebb935066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

Since the ps3 has no good games next year other than god off war 2.5

I guess the least they can do is bribe the game developer and get This exclusives Video capture feature

- Can auto-record/record last 30 seconds of gameplay

- Manual record up to 10 minutes

- Can transfer directly to Youtube

congratulations on the new exclusive ps3 owners

cyborg69715066d ago

Since the 360 is going down faster than a heroin addicted hooker they feel that it was best to jump the boat rather than jump the shark with MS. Ha Ha you see that webb, you should make like your uncle Spud and do a 360 dunk of the xbox. It's time to join the winning team. You don't wanna be a loser do you.

pornflakes5066d ago

hell, the PS3 is the biggest commercial flop this gen! And also the community is around 14 years old, thats why they have so much time on the forums. Their parents bought them a PS3 but now they have no money for the games!

cyborg69715066d ago

Pornflakes is the best you could come up with. Please if your gonna come in here and talk smack about the ps3 taking over the third party devs at least you could do is come up with your own material. Plagiarism shouldn't be tolerated even at the screen name level. And for your information the parents are buying the ps3 for themselves not for their kids. Everyone knows that parents buy the 360 for the kids. Where have you been? I bet you've been concentrating really hard to grow pubes. I'll let you in a fact it takes time.

callahan095066d ago

Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3

ModNation Racers
White Knight Chronicles
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Heavy Rain
Atelier Rorona

Plus multiplatform games (including Final Fantasy XIII)

Can't we just agree that both consoles have a ton of good games coming next year?

ajkla925066d ago

No, the 360's library is horrible.

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Ps_alm3k5066d ago

2.5 lol...
get your eyes check hahahaha...
deep inside your jealous hahahahahahahaahahahah and you know it hahahahahaah!!!!!

Roper3165066d ago

the stuff they had to leave out of the 360 version thanks to the dvd9 format most likely.

cliffbo5066d ago

nope. it's because every PS3 has a HDD as standard

randomwiz5066d ago

no, its because Sony provides tools to do this stuff. Most companies aren't brave enough to take advantage of these tools, because they are either:
1. scared of getting slammed by 1 console only owners
2. They are inefficiently using the hardware so they can't use these tools.

GiantEnemyCrab5066d ago

FFS at least read the article before you make a stupid comment about DVD9.

Karum5066d ago

Yeah the media format has nothing to do with this.

It's probably got more to do with the PS3 having a HDD as standard in every console but then again I'm sure they could have enabled some of those features if it detected a HDD in the 360 it was being played on...or maybe it does have something to do with the dev tools available like someone else mentioned....maybe a combo of all these things.

DaTruth5065d ago

I only buy one multiplat a year, and this year I choose you JC2! I'm glad this game decided to do this, because I chose this awhile ago.

You just need one special mechanic, nobody else has done and you get my money. With the creative possibilities in video gaming, there is no excuse for lack of creativity!