Microsoft launches "Final Fantasy XIII White Promo"

Sal of Scrawlfx writes: "In celebration of Final Fantasy XIII's today-announced release date of March 9, Microsoft has launched a new promotion titled the "Final Fantasy XIII White Promo".

The promotion takes place on Twitter calling all fans to retweet a certain message. Anybody that registers on the promo page is promised an "exclusive Xbox LIVE FF XIII gift" in December. I'm guessing it's Avatar clothing or something along those lines."

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RuPaul3684d ago

on the 360. I can't wait!

qface643684d ago

i really don't know if your serious or not on N4G i can't even tell anymore and if you are serious i just wouldn't be surprised

wow though just wow

NateNater3684d ago

I feel exactly the same a you. And no RuPaul, 360 will never have the better version of this game. Even if they do, PS3 owners still get Versus. And in my opinion, FF13vs looks better than FF13

itchy183684d ago

you know what you should only stay on the open zone

Xeoset3684d ago


Agreed. Xbox 360 version for me. MS will bring some amazing DLC, as per usual.

TheBand1t3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Sorry, having more discs doesn't make the 360 version superior.

And SE have stated that there won't be DLC for FFXIII.

freeblue3684d ago

Even without an exclusive advertisement deal (MS is planning buy it) they already try to pull FF13 is "only" in Xbox scam already.

VictorSullivan3684d ago

Ahahaha, even if MS did shake the money bags for DLC, PS3 owners still get an entire exclusive FF game. Versus.

stonecold13684d ago

those comment belong that way to the open zone both versions are indentical

Isaac3684d ago

N4G is officially a kindergarten

beardpapa3684d ago

So retweeting a message. Does that mean Microsoft wants us to help them advertise a game on the system? It seems like it to me.

WenisWagon3684d ago

It looks like the Xbox 360 version will yet again get exclusive content.

IdleLeeSiuLung3684d ago

good things comes to those who wait!

Game13a13y3684d ago

i seriously hope you're joking, otherwise, you've officially won the dumbest N4G fanboy award of the year.

gaffyh3683d ago

Title sounds incredibly racist lol.

Saaking3683d ago

Wow MS is gonna try passing this off as an exclusive. How much more pathetic can they get? They did the same with MW2 is from the looks of it both versions sold roughly the same. I'm gonna be mad every-time I see the 360 logo after an FFXIII ad. Like salt on wounds.

corneliuscrust3683d ago

360 MW2 sales doubled ps3 MW2 sales according to reports

"Initial feedback from retailers is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [on Xbox 360] has outsold the PS3 2:1,".


TheBand1t3683d ago

Okay? And it makes sense why. FPS are the 360's main attraction. JRPGs sell like crap though on it.


Not DLC. The gift comes to Live in december, the game launchs in March.

Know what is funny, this will be some stupid wallpaper or other merchandising, that should be free at first place, and people are already calling definitive versions... PS3 will as usual have:

- 1 free wallpaper for each character.

- 2 or 3 themes from which at least one will be free and maybe one will be animated.

- Probably cloths for home that you can buy or unlock trough game.

- Tons of free videos.

- Maybe a free demo closer to release date.

- Maybe one or two musics/clips from the soundtrack for free.

And nobody will care to mention it, as we usually don't bring it to light, and that is because it's not worth mentioning! None of this ads (and that is what yhey are, advertising, and some consumers want to pay for it, lol) make any version better.

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theusedfake3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

maybe it'll be lightning's sword, that'd be
pretty cool :)
still, I plan on importing the ps3 version

kaveti66163684d ago

Does it have English subtitles?

theusedfake3683d ago

as far as I know, it doesn't

kws10653684d ago

Since On March 2009, GOW3 and Gran Turismo 5 are waiting, I can't play all three at the same time.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3684d ago

Are you from Japan, speak Japanese or something? Because the game will not support English subtitles for obvious reasons... One of those reasons being MS.

HDgamer3684d ago

It's ps3 exclusive in japan.

kws10653684d ago

one of good reasons to be a bilingual as a gamer? haha

The real killer3684d ago

X-BOTS live for DLC's, it's the only exclusive what they have and brag about it.............Poor BOTS.

Godmars2903684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.