Teen accused of kidnapping teen at gunpoint, forces him to buy Playstation 3

"Collier deputies arrested a Naples teenager on allegations he held a victim at gunpoint and forced him to buy a Playstation 3 at the local Walmart."

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playstation1233682d ago

lol I used to live there, good old naples.

3682d ago
corywebb933682d ago

Wow iff i was that teen getting kidnapped i would rather smash my testicles with a sledhammer than buy a ps3

playstation1233682d ago

Corywebb are you still butt hurt from flopza selling poorly.

NateNater3682d ago

Brutal dude, just brutal.

Save your balls. Take the PS3 :)

3682d ago
3682d ago
DavidMacDougall3682d ago

Must be a task trying to smash balls that haven't dropped yet.

reintype3681d ago

That was one of the funniest post I've read here on N4G.

I swear the mods here don't have a sense of humor.

cyborg69713681d ago

Yeah what is up with that the x-bot mods are on a rampage

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RuPaul3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

meh...stupid people do stupid things.

wxer3682d ago

yah just like you putting that god knows what picture as you avatar

on topic
i think every one wants it

Saaking3682d ago

How is being forced to buy the Machine that only does everything a bad thing?

Hisiru3681d ago

Smart guy hahahaha. Ok, just kidding (I guess).

gumgum993681d ago

lol, Saaking you're too much.

Sitdown3681d ago

pirated. ;-p So the original intent was not to get a ps3, but a shot gun?....I thought there was a wait on purchasing guns? Also, you can only purchase guns at certain times of the day? The ignorance of this whole thing is mind boggling....did this not look suspicious to anybody?

Hellsvacancy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Not that condone it or anythin but man - thats 1 dedicated Ps3 fan "by any means necessary"

Alvadr3681d ago

"Sanka... ya dead?"

Cool Runnings - classic

infamous_273681d ago

"meh...stupid people do stupid things."

You mean like buying a PS3?


ico923681d ago

it only forces people to rob

MmaFanQc3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

if this is not a sign of the ps3 taking over....

Chubear3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

People are doing anything to get their hands on a PS3. The PS3: It only makes everyone want it.

I must say though, I do love when they put people's faces on full BLAST like this when they break the law. XD

pixelsword3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Even if then, that was a horrible thing to do.

He should be ashamed of himself.

ThanatosDMC3681d ago

One of my buds managed to get one buy selling plasma. Sad that people will go and do this to other people.

JoySticksFTW3681d ago

People are wildin' out for PS3's even at the lower price point. WTF

Even cops are getting caught stealing PS3 games

What's next?

Thanatos' friend might be on to something... If you need a PS3 that badly and can't find work to pay for one, just sell blood or semen (your own... let's keep it legal)

darkmurder3681d ago

Why not just steal a PS3, wooda been same end result with better charges, sigh dumb people...

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