Leak shows Sony XBR12, new OLED TVs

A leak today hints Sony is planning to tackle the high end of the TV market with at least two new XBR models and a long anticipated update to its OLED sets.

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aslucher4033d ago

I hope this is true! Sony needs to push the market with OLED. They need to, so the price will drop and I can get one!

socomnick4032d ago

Dont buy an OLED man, you would enjoy it for 2 years, then in the 3rd year the blues would die out and the picture would look like crap.

Biggest problem with OLED right now is uneven pixel lifespan.

Blues in particular last less than 1/3 of what the reds and yellows do on OLED panels.

aslucher4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Hey ok I just found a great article. It appears that there has been a breakthrough. Well was I guess, which means they are still working on the problem and still my point is valid. People need to buy these lol. I mean c'mon I know the economy is bad globally but there has to be some rich ignorant people out there wanting to just get the most expensive tech just for bragging rights haha or poor people wanting to have the same rights and be broke, like me.

The article states that experimental OLEDs were created which can sustain 400 cd/m² of luminance for over 198,000 hours for green OLEDs and 62,000 hours for blue OLEDs

Which is a major upgrade. The average operating time for LCDs is around 60,000 hours. This brings it equal time to an LCD. However like you said each color has a differing life expectancy. I have made it fair by taking the lowest time, as this would be the time to upgrade because nobody wants a TV lacking in color.

socomnick4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Here you go, there are more articles out there describing it in more detail.

OLED sounds good if they can manage to increase the lifespan but at its current condition its completely messed up that some poor saps are gonna pay 4k dollars for one and 2 years later the picture quality will be total crap.

The problem is not the length that they last is that the quality of the colors diminishes over time.

After 2 years you will notice a change in color brilliance of up to 20 percent, and then another 17 percent in 2 more years.

With LCDS they dont really diminish in color quality they just die one day.

El_Colombiano4032d ago

OLED...doesn't that have a ridiculously short life span?

MAR-TYR-DOM4032d ago

the twelve stand for the 12k price tag.

In all honesty, these tv's are a beast but they are way overpriced even for high end tv market.

Marceles4032d ago

The TV in the picture in the article makes my XBR4 look old lol. I'm glad they're bringing back the glass frame though, that was one of the many reasons why I bought a BRAVIA

LukaX234032d ago

Sony advances in technology really fast, but that's not always the best thing to do. When the PS3 came out they had to sell it for less money than it's worth, and although that's probably not the case here, it won't matter. Only rich people will pay that much for a HDTV. I don't blame them, that thing is downright gorgeous.

socomnick4032d ago

OLED has uneven lifespan, the blues have a super rediciously short lifespan, meaning the quality of the tv will deteriorate really quickly.

OLED is not a good future for tvs.

Much better future technology for TVS.

It would be drastically cheaper than LCDS, better quality, faster response times and above all its very scalable since its so cheap to manufacturer.

With this tech you could have 1000 dollar top of the line 60+ inch tvs.

Pekka4032d ago

Right now, OLED has quite short life span. Then again, LCD's and plasma displays had very short life span too when first models came out. Especially plasma displays had very short life span until just few years ago. So, they may find some solution for life span just like before. If they don't, then OLED doesn't have very good future.

Pekka4032d ago

@1.4: That technology is still just a theory because not even a prototype have been introduced. We have no idea yet whether technology actually works or not because there are no displays using that technology. And no tests about quality or life span.

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KILLERAPP4032d ago

Why buy this when next year there will be a new one better and less expensive one.

TheBand1t4032d ago

Why buy any piece of technology, since there's always something that will be new and cheaper?

sikbeta4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

By that logic none of us couldn't buy a console this gen, because the next consoles will be better

Technology need to be supported in order to evolve

Major_Tom4032d ago

What's funnier is these are cheaper to make than CRT TV'S LOL.

badkolo4032d ago

I think ill wait until the new 3d tv's start to churn out.

if 3d becomes as big for movies and games in the way i think it will then why bother upgrading to oled if oyur set for now.

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