Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Could Lead 'Shift' In PS3 Tech Prowes

"The game's developer, Santa Monica's Sony-owned Naughty Dog, now hopes that the studio can help both internal and external PlayStation 3 developers reach the same kind of technical prowess on the uniquely challenging hardware."

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FlatulentGhost3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

"uniquely challenging hardware"


A perfect example of why many gamers and the gaming media is still having trouble dealing with the massive graphical power advantage the PSs3 has this gen. A graphical power advantage larger than ever before in the history of the console market.

Back before the Xbox where Microsoft tried to throw a bunch of expensive desktop x86 PC parts into a big ugly black box and pass it off as a console, PC game developers and console developers stuck with their own areas of expertise. But as soon as Microsoft's PC in a console box arrived, suddenly every clown who kinda knows some stuff about home computers and home computer graphics cards thinks they are an expert on console hardware and console graphics engines.

The PS3 is in essence the exact same hardware design as the 140 million selling PS2. In other words, the console hardware that console developers have the most experience with and have spent the last decade working with.

A PS2 engine and PS3 engine are written in almost identical ways:

On the PS2 execution starts up on the EE.
On the PS3 execution starts up on the PPU.

Tasks are spawned off to the VUs on the PS2 - lighting, vertex transforms, animation, etc.

On the PS3 those tasks are spawned off to the SPUs.

Main game code runs on the EE on the PS2 while the VUs work in parallel.

On the PS3 it is the PPU and SPUs that are running parallel.

When the VUs have computed enough data to render, that data is fired off to the GS.

The same goes for the PS3, but from the SPUs to the RSX.

The split memory architecture makes it so the EE half of the PS2 can work full speed while the GS works on its own data.

The same goes for the PS3, the Cell side can work full speed on its data while the RSX is firing away without having to fight over the same memory/bus

In a good PS2 engine the EE, VUs, and GS are all cranking away in parallel.

In a good PS3 engine the PPU, SPUs, and RSX are all cranking away in parallel.

There isn't a single console developer who sat around wondering how to write a PS3 graphics engine. They were writing PS3 graphics engines in their minds all the way back in the PS2 days when we would imagine what a next gen PS2 would look like.

Not surprising since both machine were designed by master of console hardware design, Kutagari.

3674d ago
himdeel3674d ago

So very pleased they are sharing the wealth of information they have. The Dogs are on top of the heap and wanting to bring everybody up there with them. True class acts.

I'm looking at you Sucker Punch...LOVE inFamous and cannot wait to see a smooth 60 fps like near the docks in your next game, less jaggies, and EVEN better graphics :) You guys still have one of the best hero games imo ever made.

3674d ago
Maddens Raiders3674d ago

they talk to CELLIUS so I finally get my muther$%&[email protected]*'n Ace Combat! >_<

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Rigmaster3674d ago

Beyond3d really is to console graphics hardware and engines as vgchartz is to sales numbers. Both are effectively nothing more than sites peddling fake information to a crowd of people who desperately want to have someone tell them the lies they want to believe.

3674d ago
darthv723674d ago

The devs under their wing seem interested in sharing the love when they figure out something the others had not tried. Almost a requirement if you are going to be a sony subsidiary. You must share your programming tricks with others in the family so everyone can benefit. Not only that but a few will even go so far as to help the third parties as well.

360 will never have that close knit feeling of developer comraderie. Mainly because there just isnt enough 1st/2nd party devs pushing the tech beyond current spec. I have seen amazing things done with older systems not even thought possible when looking at the start of their generation. Fast forward to the end and it is the talent of the programmers and developers that go beyond the limitations of the hardware inside.

Look at the games that started off the genesis and compare them with the ones at its end. Ranger X and gunstar heroes are two of my favorite games and they came out towards the end of the system life. Same tech just a different approach to get the results. Looking at some of the ps2 games when it launched and compare them to the ones within the last couple of years.

A shame that there arent any devs willing to try this same approach in taking risks and sharing ideas like ND and Insomniac does on the ps3 but for the 360. 360 is a great machine but lacks the real dedicated talent to show its true graphical ability.

If I could make an analogy. Those who have seen the original fast and furious may understand (although a bit hokey). 360 is like the paul walker character. PS3 is the vin diesel. The first race where paul walker hit the nitrous and was blazing past the others and was ahead. Then vin diesel hits his nitrous and pulls away for the win.

That showed the young driver has potential but is sloppy in execution (like the 360) and the experienced driver (ps3) just needed the right moment to do his thing and win every time.

Like I said this analogy is hokey but it is what came to mind. It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning. Sony is winning in my book. 360 needs more experience but there is potential. Imagine if the talented devs in charge of the PS3 AAA games were to throw a bone to the 360. Oh what greatness they could create.

Now bring on the disagrees

Saaking3674d ago

It's just amazing how ND could pull of such great games. UC1 looked great and UC2 STILL managed to blow it away. At this rate,it's hard to imagine just how good UC3 will look

LukaX233674d ago

Just imagine all of the amazing games that will be coming to the PS3 thanks to Naughty Dog. Developers will have more time to think about gameplay rather than graphics cause the amazing engine is already there!

ND = Development Gods.

sikbeta3673d ago

Naughty Dog always Pushing the Boundaries

FrankDrebin3673d ago

to make a game run on this system. Very impressive!

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Ps_alm3k3674d ago


PirateThom3674d ago

"We choose to go to the moon... we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too."

Saaking3674d ago

Very fitting indeed. JFK knew what he was talking about.

waltercross3674d ago

JFK was the Boss!, Awesome Quote by him.

MajestieBeast3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

So let me get this straight Nd pretty much redid their whole engine has a single-player of 12+ hours has coop and versus multi-player in a whole new way.

Infinity ward added a 5 hour campaign, maps and perks and the spec ops mode.

Well we can all see who went way beyond in the 2 years they had and the other slacked on the previous success. How do these games even have the same scores...

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Ravage273674d ago

it is dead in my eyes.

off-topic anyone watched the movie '2012' yet?

I lol-ed so hard when Tenzin showed up ^^

waltercross3674d ago

Well, Not trying to defend the 360 or Microsoft(since I Totally
Dislike them in the first place), but the reason why is because
the PS3 is far ahead of the 360 in Tech, You cannot compare
a 360 Exclusive to a PS3 Exclusive this just will not work
because nobody knows how that said exclusive will look on the
other console, so Instead they compare Exclusives Internally
to other games that are on the same console, So for Example, Halo
got such a good score because compared to other 360 Games it really
is Impressive.

Uncharted 2 has such a Great score compared to other Games on the
PS3, and if you Include PS3 Fans(Hard to Please) and other Great
games on the PS3 then you have a VERY Tough crowd, while the 360
games and fans are more Tolerate and easy to please.

Hope this makes since.

But there is also a Thin line here, Multi plat games for example.
GTA4 has High ratings on both consoles, this is for the 360's
Benifits and not the PS3's, surely GTA4 should not be on UC2's Level.
So there will be some bending when it comes to multiplats.

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