Modded Xbox 360s Jailbroken With 'Un-Ban' Hack?

"A hacker eager to reconnect modded Xbox 360s banned by Microsoft in recent days may be on the verge of releasing a workaround. According to 360Mods (by way of DailyTech), user 'c4eva' has shifted gears from developing Lite-on and Hitachi optical drive mods to creating a firmware rev that would allow modded Xbox 360s to bypass Microsoft's online security tests.

Called iXtreme LT (for 'light touch') the mod's being designed to resemble the Xbox 360's standard firmware while performing minimal security checks. If successful, it would allow gamers with modded Xbox 360s to play custom-burned DVDs as well as illegal versions of games online without drawing Microsoft's eye.

DailyTech initially reported the fix was available, then retracted the story and later published a revised version, noting "No ETA for fix, but modders are hard at work."

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Jsynn73679d ago

I figured this would happen. No matter what a computer entertainment company does to try to stop hacking/pirating, there will always be someone out there who will find a way around it. M$ is gonna have to go to war with these kids. Should be some interesting times head.

theusedfake3679d ago

damn, that was really quick.

Jsynn73679d ago

Them Hackers waste no time.