Is N4G's Source Filter A Fraud That Stifles Free Speech?

From Game Newser: "By now, you've probably have known about something that N4G has used called the "Source Filter". It's intended purpose is filter out "flame bait" stories by "unknown" blogs in favor of trusted sources.

Notice, though, that I said "intended". I decided to do a comparison today, and found something peculiar. On the 360 section of the site, there are almost no stories from sites that are caught under the filter. On the PS3 side, there are more than enough to raise suspicion. Could the Source Filter be just giving fanboys another way to control the site?"

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RuPaul3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

You have no guaranteed freedoms of speech.

Although if thegameraccess is allowed I don't see why any site would be blocked.

JD_Shadow3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Actually, I said thegameraccess IS being filtered when it shouldn't be. Read the article.

Oh, and [email protected] N4G mod reporting this. Perhaps he has something to do with the decisions on what sites get filtered?

@Odion: I took that out. Someone I know remembers you being there when they were there and got banned, though. And people should've been able to see Sterling's mockery of a piece AND the responses it got from the media.

Or are you just trying to hide that there is something going on here? Your report after I made the above points clear was reason enough to suspect that. And, of course, silence speaks volumes about THAT!

Odion3681d ago

LOL Darkpower it was good till you made up the fact that I was a mod at Gamespot and banned PS3 gamers, I haven't used Gamespot to talk to anyone in years, and I was never apart of their moderation team.

Not to mention your Jim Sterling article got nuked, cause the original Jim Sterling piece got nuked.

cyborg69713681d ago

All of sterlings articles should be nuked. He's a hack.

reintype3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Yes, I've seen evidence of what your saying, they don't want to admit it, but many articles do suddenly vanish without a reason, particularly if they are damaging to the XBOX 360 and/or its games. I tried looking for them on the "failed" section, and they are not there, now I know that it's the "FILTER" at work.

I also notice that some articles, don't get heated up or made invisible, like this one on FORZA 3

Makes you really wonder about the admins/mods on this site.

I've bookmarked because I'm interested in reading your story, I promise to read it later.

socomnick3680d ago

The gameracess is not a news site, its 1 guy under his computer regurgitating news from real sites. Same with HHG, same with Neocrisis, same with all the playstation sites besides playstationlifestyle.

All blogs that people continue to approve. The smart ones like HHG have the staff from the site become contributors so his stories can get approved quickly before they are failed.

Saaking3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Good article. I also think the bubble system is flawed. I used to think it didn't but then yesterday Peter North when from 9 to 3 bubbles (then back up to 5) in just a a few minutes. How is that even possible? Me, I lost around 4 bubbles in less than one day and many PS3 fans have lost tons of bubbles in just a day. I mean, seriously how can you from 9 to 3 bubbles in less than 5 minutes?

Oh yea, and if gameraccess is banned WHY ISN'T HHG BANNED? He's puts up thing MUCH more stupid than gameraccess. Good article darkpower, I'll give you bubbles but we all know you ain't getting them for certain "reasons"

HolyOrangeCows3680d ago

Why isn't HipHopGamerShow and Warzonegamer blocked by this filter?

toaster3680d ago

It's funny how an article with 50+ comments doesn't get more than 60 degrees. Someone's been messing with the system for sure. But the way I see it there are more PS3 fanboys here.

If you look in the Open Zone more often than not the 360 fanboys have 3-4 bubbles and PS3 fanboys have more. Also any comments against the PS3 usually get more disagrees than the ones who praise PS3.

I will stay neutral though.

3680d ago
YourCall3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Excellent point, on average PS3 fans on this site has 6-8 bubble while 360 fans have 2-4. This is not by coincidence, I have a feeling that there were some fanboy moderators on this site. One of the biggest crimes of politics, simple conflict of interest.

N4G has clearly gone to hell in a hand basket, you want to fix the bubble system, try allowing each user 3 comments per story and do away with stupid un fair bubble system all together.

Darkpower - your story was a very good read and I think you are on to something, however, I am sure the bubble system will now be used to attack you.

Good luck with that, now I know why sh!t like this bubble system isn't allowed in the real world... it's lame.

Odion - of all things you report the story as being "fake" are you serious "fake". How is it fake, that report alone speaks volumes.
Also even if he was wrong as being a MOD at gamespot, that doesn't make his entire story fake. Why are you sticking with the gamespot line, how about addressing the rest of the stuff the story talked about.

Columbo (below) - Mr 10 bubbles, total benefactor of the system, since when does one get any attention for being polite on this site. Although I don't see you as being a fanboy, you can clearly see his point. Can't you? And even if he wasn't super pleasant in his delivery, there is a lot of truth to his article and that's what you should be addressing. As a MOD, you should be able to view his point from a more objective point of view.

@Saaking - I've always though that you were a bit over the top, but it you are saying that PS3 fanboys have the same amount of bubbles on average as 360 fanboys, then you're either terribly delusional and just a plain liar.

Now that's gotta be a record, my comment was posted 13 minutes ago and I have already lost a bubble. With no agrees or disagrees within the first 13 minutes. Wow, don't mess with the mods folks, they are above the law.

Saaking3680d ago

yea right, I'm a PS fan and I have between 4-5 bubbles. You saying PS3 fans have more bubbles is simply a lie. Just look at the open zone. Most PS3 fans have 4-5 bubble as well.

ElementX3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

"Me, I lost around 4 bubbles in less than one day "

Because you're a fanboy jerk, that's why

*EDIT* @1.13

v1c1ous3680d ago

5 mins in your posting history saaking and anyone can see why :D

poopface13680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

my comments disagreeing with articles bashing 360 are constantly deleted and I am banned to the open zone. Meanwhile all the bashing of 360 in the "gamer zone" 360 articles gets ignored by the mods, even when its clear that some of them dont have a 360 to base their very vocal "opinions" on.

this site is a joke and a haven for sony ZEALOTS. Thats why so many 360 bashing articles come through and even the tiniest criticism of sonny is squashed and called "biased" or "M$ paid them."

Then they approve every sony PRAISE blog and like yesterday they try to imply the 360 version of cod 6 had online troubles as well(by saying all versions were having trouble(LIE TO TRY AND DOWNPLAY THE PS3 PROBLEM) while completely ignoring the fact that the 360 version worked fine. But the sony "newS" blogs cant actually be expected to inform ps3 users of ps3 news and not try and get people to buy ps3s.

Every time I come to this site since 2007 I feel like people on here are desperately trying to sell ps3s instead of talk about games. It seems their motto is , "talk up ps3 alot and bash xbox even more." Seems like a lot of mods are hardcore sony fanboys just like a majority of the people who comment.




soxfan20053680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

You may have recently changed your ways, but it doesn't excuse your previous comments. Based on most of your comments up until the last week or so, you deserved to lose bubbles. Defending Peter North isn't going to win you any points either - he has contributed exactly NOTHING useful to N4G ever. He should have zero bubbles.

I have two suggesstions to improve N4G:

1)Eliminate the open zone. It's just a breeding ground for stupidity. Nothing meaningful ever comes out of the open zone - why even have it?

2)Everyone should have 3 bubbles permanently (unless they are banned) - no adding or taking away. This would force people to put more thought into their comments, knowing that they will have limited chances to reply. N4G could also increase the time to edit comments to 1 or 2 hours.

toaster3680d ago

Here, have a bubble :)

See.. I just proved that the system is flawed.

Not 10 minutes ago did I have 6 bubbles. Now when I look, I have 5. Awesome. I think everyone should just have 4. No adding bubbles, no taking away.

ultimolu3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

You're kidding me, right? You're seriously kidding me. I have seen 360 fans around here with more than five bubbles so don't even go there. They only get their bubbles down because they say things that are usually off-topic of it's flamebait.

Keep disagreeing! It only proves me right and I'm striking nerves. :)

evrfighter3680d ago

Saaking's actually wondering why he lost bubbles?


Xbox Avatars Shoe3680d ago

N4G has a source-filter to prevent articles like this LOL!

v1c1ous3680d ago

is because not even 2 weeks ago anyone that said anything even remotely positive about 360 got knocked down to 2-3, while anyone known to praise the ps3 had 7+.

now that the bubbles have been leveling more evenly (but the ps3 fans still outbubble 360 fans) you all complain of a bias.

NO! you are wrong and shielding your eyes from the truth. you are seeing what you want to see. ps3 fanboys always outbubble 360 fanboys. it's still apparent. don't deny it. hell even after trolling in 360 topics their bubbles are often unharmed.

ARBitrator3680d ago

Please just be quite. You have got to be the biggest fanboy/girl on this site. Perhaps your comments would me more sense if you would should some objectivity. You constantly defend the PS3 by saying the 360 fans do the same thing.

You never address what is right or wrong, all you do is say "The 360 fans do it too." I mean really, just shut the hell up already.

I tend to make negative comments at people that make BS/negative comments. If you look at my comment history you will notice that I am always criticizing a BS point. I never say the PS3 sucks, the 360 is dead, etc.

You on the otherhand like to jump on the bandwagon after one of your fellow PS3 fans make a negative comment, which is just adding to the problem. OPEN YOU DAMN EYES FOR ONCE. STOP BEING A LEMMING. I dislike fans like you more than I do the hardcore fanboy, at least their hearts are in it (no matter how sick they can be.), you're simply a fence sitter waiting for someone to make a comment so that you can add to it.


3680d ago
pixelsword3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Reading the story again

3680d ago
Arnon3680d ago

"Keep disagreeing! It only proves me right and I'm striking nerves. :)"

Lol... people use the disagree feature to show that they just don't like you. Not for the fact that it makes people mad, or the fact that they even disagree with you. Honestly, I think they disagree with you the most simply because in every comment, you tend to post "[email protected] you guys cant even prove me wrong. Just goes to-" and yeah. ANYWAY, the point I'm saying, is that taking disagrees as an actual disagree is wrong on this site. People do it to bug you, and ultimately show they just don't like you.

Then again, you do get the rare few who use it for it's purpose.

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Columbo3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

From "article":

"Process being this.
* Fanboy sees story they don’t like on front page that’s “unfiltered”
* Fanboy gets several of allies on the site
* They all go to mods/admins to have the entire site filtered for a few stories
* Site gets filtered"

Utterly false and incorrect. It saddens me to see someone who thinks they have everything figured out, only to really know so little about this site and how it is run.

You should become a fiction writer. You sure know how to drone on and on, and you could easily amass 1000+ pages. You also seem to have worked out the fiction aspect too.

JD_Shadow3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

That's the perceived process based upon what was said before that in the article (if anyone cares to read it, which I guess is too hard for someone to do, though it's way too easy to take someone out of context before using dupe accounts to f#ck up bubble counts).

Why doesn't someone tell us, then, what IS the process according to the mods, because I'm sure we would LOVE to hear it.

@Odion: They're already abusing the system (which is, let's see, THE WHOLE F#CKING POINT OF THE ARTICLE!). How would that make things any WORSE?

And if we are not SUPPOSED to know, then wouldn't that make ANYONE'S perception of how it works speculative and could be thought of as "fictional"? Think of how you just defeated Columbo's entire point (and insult towards me that would normally get someone banned from the Gamer Zone and people telling them to take it to the Open Zone). How could something be fictional if no one knows what IS the truth. For all anyone knows, I could be right (and I could be), and we're not supposed to know because it would blow everything wide open. This is all while anyone else's suggestions about how to handle the situation that the SF was SUPPOSED to curb got completely ignored in favor of this flawed system that you guys are becoming sworn to protect the validity of with your lives, I guess.

And I guess we're not supposed to discuss if the system is flawed to begin with, either? I guess the debate about the filter isn't allowed to even HAPPEN or even be brought up? No wonder no one has questioned the filter yet. They aren't ALLOWED to.

How can we know for sure that fanboyism politics are NOT being played in this process?

Odion3681d ago

You aren't told for a reason, to keep you from being able to abuse the system.

Odion3681d ago

Well how about this, you show me this proof of me being a mod at Gamespot, and then I'll believe that your trying to do some kind of factual hunt.

Columbo3681d ago

Darkpower:"And I guess we're not supposed to discuss if the system is flawed to begin with, either? I guess the debate about the filter isn't allowed to even HAPPEN or even be brought up? No wonder no one has questioned the filter yet. They aren't ALLOWED to."

Then how about you ask in a polite and unbiased way? Why would people want to help you or answer your questions when you throw around accusations, fallacies, and conspiracy theories like what was written in this "article?" I would have helped you had I not read (actually just skimmed for the "good" a.k.a. very incorrect parts) this wall of text.

3680d ago
Saaking3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Great points darkpower. And gamespot sucks. It's so full of x360 fanboys. I tried going in there once but you can't even have a conversation with them. BTW this is on topic since some other people are mentioning gamespot.

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omimasum3681d ago

i love n4g, it fullfills all my desires of fetism e.g picturing a bunch of fanboys at each other oh yeaah

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