GamingHeaven: Machinarium Review

GamingHeaven writes: "Machinarium is a game many of you might not have heard about but it took the prize "Excellence In Visual Art" at this years's Independent Game Festival and when you first see it you will not be questioning why. The game actually represents a moving graphic novel rather than a traditional adventure game.

When I first saw the game in action I actually thought back to stop motion film classics such as 'The Nightmare before Christmas' and even the latest high profile visual masterpiece from the immensely talented Henry Selick called 'Coraline'. When you hear that to create those movies it takes one hour of work for every one second of movie time you can begin to appreciate all the work that goes into them. Machinarium is an old school point and click adventure with a very high difficulty setting. It will entertain and enlighten you, while frustrating and befuddling you in equal measure."

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