Videogamer: Just Cause 2 Hands-on Preview

Videogamer: "I've seen Just Cause 2 several times now, and on each occasion it's looked increasingly delectable. It's not hard to summon enthusiasm for a sandbox shooter that lets cause utter mayhem on a beautiful South-east Asian island, but until last week, when I had my first hands-on with the game, one issue was slightly clouding my optimism. I've had plenty of opportunity to watch Rico Rogriguez, our daredevil hero, as he pulled off all manner of insane stunts - surfing on the roofs of cars, hijacking choppers mid-air, scaling skyscrapers with a grappling hook - but I was a tad concerned about how all these insane moves would handle. After all, it's one thing to watch an Avalance developer milking the best out of their own control system, and quite another to do these things for yourself."

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