IGN: God of War Collection Review

IGN writes:

"The God of War Collection is now the definitive way to play the original two PlayStation 2 titles, and for folks who somehow never owned a PS2 and who don't have a backwards-compatible PlayStation 3, this marks the first time that they've been able to play them. At $40 for two of the best action games ever made, and the perfect precursors to next March's God of War III, this is a collection that you shouldn't pass up."

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playstation1234883d ago

Cool I need to buy this again, I sold my two copies a long time ago

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lokiroo4204883d ago

In the end, there shall only be chaos!

darthv724882d ago

The last couple of nights I decided to pick up where I left off in GoW and am close to actually finishing it. I have also been playing in GoW 2 alternately. Both are great looking on the old PS2 but for some reason it doesn't look right on my PS3. As if it isnt taking up the whole screen like the ps2 does.

I am not using upscaling and smoothing on the ps3 but I am using widescreen and progressive within the game. I will get this collection and may just play that instead.

Anyone know if the collection will see existing game saves from the ps2 games? I dont mind starting over but it would be sweet if this collection (when played on a bc ps3) would see my saves.

SuperStrokey11234882d ago

You dont want to use your saves as then you wont get the trophies for the stuff you did already.

Darkstorn4882d ago

Never got a chance to play the originals (I had an Xbox last gen and defected to the PS3 this gen...) so this is a definite must-buy for me. Nice to see it got a 9.4

jammy_704882d ago

a great thing.... dream theater are doing a song for GOW3 MY FAV BAND!!! i cant wait!!!

gintoki7774882d ago

dream theater is really doing a song for gow3 that nuts wow

II Necroplasm II4882d ago

I still haven't played GoW 2 yet, so I'm pretty excited.

NeoSprtacus4882d ago

@1.4 or 1.5

I haven't heard that Dream Theater is doing a song for it, that's awesome. I think The Glass Prison would be epic as an intro song, sans vocals (just doesn't fit GoW3 to have it).
Pan to Kratos, have shots of him climbing a titan as the bell tolls.
Intro guitar.

Pure epicness. Bow to its potential!

jammy_704882d ago

year there doing a song, its a new instrumental, man its gonna be awesome!!!!!

FadeToBlack4882d ago

I've never played either of these games.
I'm definatly gonna be getting this

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zootang4883d ago

How come the reviewer sounds like his mum (mom) died

Johnny Rotten4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

his mom was a goddess and Kratos killed her.

kurochi4882d ago

or maybe his mum was the chick that was taking a shower when Kratos busted in and did a freaking orgy with her friends.....???

Unicron4883d ago

While they don't hold a candle to the likes of Uncharted 2, the games look great in HD, especially God of War II. The crisp framerate is also very welcome.


So UC2 is now the standard for visual comparisons for ALL titles across different genres... tell me again how MW2 got a 10?

thedisagreefairy4883d ago

you my good friend are absolutely right.

at least activision didnt do what ubisoft did for assassins creed 2 and send them all to italy and give them a buttload of free stuff for them to review the game.

DJ4882d ago

Regardless of how bad the graphics are, or if the game modes even work. The major websites like IGN make their money from Advertisement Revenue. Without promising the game's respective publisher a high score, they don't recieve early review copies. Without early review copies, they lose hundreds of thousands of potential pageviews (i.e. cash).

The best websites for news and reviews are actually the smaller ones, since publishers tend to ignore them and they make very little money (if at all).

raztad4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

@Dear Unicron

IGN has been recurrently doing the same. Every PS3 EXCLUSIVE game is compared (graphics wise) to UC2. NGS2, ACiT and (come on) GoW Collection, and then some points are deducted. The same rule wasnt applied to ODST or MW2.

Conclusion is IGN is using different rules for different platforms and for different games.

DarkTower8054882d ago

Sending anything other than a game to reviewers should be illegal imo. When review scores can ultimately sway the general public to buy or not buy a video game with their hard earned money, the scores should not be swayed by money or gifts.

Marceles4882d ago

"So UC2 is now the standard for visual comparisons for ALL titles across different genres."

Only on PS3 lol...everything else always gets away with having crappy visuals

Darkstorn4882d ago

The reviewers have different graphical standards for different consoles. 360 exclusives must be compared to Halo or Gears simply because the 360 doesn't have enough power to compare to PS3 exclusives. And PS3 games must be held to a higher standard because the PS3 has more graphical prowess. Reviewers don't hold the Wii accountable for poor graphics because the system is not powerful enough. Same for the 360.

RememberThe3574882d ago

IGN has different teams that review for the different platforms. Maybe IGN's PS3 team has higher standards. It wouldn't surprise me.

II Necroplasm II4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

That was a pretty stupid quote though, it's PS2 games remastered. Besides my point, GoW games still looked amazing.

IrishRepublicanArmy4882d ago

im really let down by mw2. not only does the campaign feel bland but short too. also kills dont feel that good anynore as 100's of pts are thrown at you from everywhere. also they put a stop to te glitch community by putting levels on cliffs or radiation zones around them.
finally ive never been so pissed off with the friend invite system. it was perfect in cod4 so why change it. ifs its gona get changed back plz pm me. after playing killzone 2 and getting all its trophies mw2 feels weighless and v. shallow. sucks for me cus ive spent 20days on cod4. lets hope cod4 online lives on.

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frostypants4883d ago

I forgot this was being released! Argh! Too many games!