Modern Warfare 2, 100 Minutes of Multiplayer in HD writes: "Here we have 11 videos of online gameplay multiplayer matches from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Included you will see some new Kill Streaks such as the Care Package and Predator Missile, the videos have all been recorded in 720p with HDMI and compressed lightly to give a great visual quality that the game delivers.

Hit the break to check them all out, we hope you enjoy them."

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Reibooi3676d ago

Why would you need 100 minutes of game play? Just look at a little bit and then go and play the game and see if you like it. 100 minutes is like watching a movie.

Ziriux3676d ago

Exactly. I'm thinking a nice montage of the singleplayer would be great to cover the story for those who don't like SPthey can just watch a video.

Ve3tro3676d ago

Normally I would do montages of the best bits but we got quite alot of requests of people wanting to see whole matches.

Ziriux3676d ago

That's respectable, if people want to watch some MP before making a decision on whether or not to purchase the game you got to give it to them. I wish I watched these videos before dishing out $60, either way I loved it, and the game is great.

Icemael3676d ago

I have to agree. I mean, I enjoy watching gameplay footage and all, but 100 minutes? Really?

Ve3tro3676d ago

Well it's not 100 minutes in 1 video, it's over 11 videos. You don't have to watch every single one.

pangitkqb3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

If I wanted to stare at 100 minutes of MW2 footage, I'd just buy the game. I saw the title and immediately thought such a thing was ridiculous. Glad to see i'm not the only one. ;)

You know what though? To each their own. I'm not gonna stop someone from watching it if they want to.

Hill_billy3676d ago

It's 11 videos of game play. Pick one and watch. If you don't like it then don't feel obligated to watch the others. man, you people can be so stupid sometimes. Makes me fear for the future if the world is in your hands.

Kudos to the one posting up the videos. Good work if you ask me.

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gameseveryday3676d ago

stunning video! stunning visuals!

Ziriux3676d ago

Any one of you guys find the graphics improved over the previous game?

ambientFLIER3676d ago

Duh. Have you played MP yet? If you did, you'd know the answer.

williamkenny3676d ago

Awesome! I love gameplay marathons!

Xeall3676d ago

Would be nice to see more of this in terms of clan matches. Good player matches are always worth learning from

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