Cool relief for the summer game doldrums

The summer video game doldrums are almost here, but a small flurry of new titles over the next couple of weeks may help tide gamers over until the fall bounty.

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Eclipticus4579d ago

so it starts off by saying that ms is shipping 3 games this week? forza 2, shadowrun and um whatelse? they dont mention it. Great follow up there.
but this summer will be good for 360. i cant really comment on the other two, cause i dont have a ps3, and not really following the wii.
But Bioshock, halo3, gta4,too human, mass effect, assassins creed. This is gonna be a great summer.

snoop_dizzle4579d ago

sadly it will be a late summer of fun. I wish those games came out eariler in the summer so i could have more time to play them

FCOLitsjustagame4579d ago

Mad Tracks or WarTech: Senko no Ronde I suppose one of those is the third one. Next week is Call of Juarez then a couple of potential filler games with Tenchu Z and Fantastic 4. Then Dirt. Then The Darkness and Overlord with Transformers being a potential filler.

Mid July football season starts with NCAA and All Pro 2k. That should get us up to early August and Too Human and Stranglehold. :)