God of War Collection IGN Video Review

Ign reviews the digitally remastered port of God of War and God of War II for the PS3 in the video below.

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Nambassa3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Definately picking this up! They did a great job transferring it to ps3. The graphics are still phenonemal even though its PS2 graphics.

The Great Melon3675d ago

A little saddened by videos, but that won't stop me from picking this up. HD God of War is too much pass up on.

The_Devil_Hunter3675d ago

Man I would have to be insane to give this one up for anything. I sacrificed MW2 for this and I believe its VERY worth it. And whats up with the 9.4, was it just for it not to be on par with MW2...

bjornbear3675d ago

Same here! I had an ultimatum and decided to get this over MW2 =) Not in mood for YET another shoot, can wait till Next year, for now I wants myself some GOD BLOOOD!!! \m/ 0_0 \m/!!!!!

Bnet3433675d ago

I already have both games on PS2, but this is a great package for any gamer who hasn't tried GoW yet.

Maddens Raiders3675d ago

because of the old in game videos? those @ the Inconsistent Gamescore Network (IGN) never cease to amaze me. AAA indeed Mr Logic.

silverbeld3674d ago

Yes, Kratos will rule the world again!!!

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Bumpmapping3675d ago

See that bots?You will never play a game this good on your xbox 1.5.

Nambassa3675d ago

this is a ps2 game and it still beats anything on the 360.

2FootYard3675d ago

You guys need some new material.

RuPaul3675d ago

$40 for two old games? Only Sony would rip-off its consumer base like this.

I glad I chose the company that cares about its consumers, hello 3 year warranty!

rucky3675d ago

Yeah cause Sony charging $40 for an HD version of two $20 AAA PS2 games is way worst than MS charging you retards $60 for a rehashed Halo 3 expansion.

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Bumpmapping3675d ago

Indeed it does and it runs in HD unlike Halo:SDTV LOL

Haloreacharound3675d ago


:sobs next to rrod box:

Darkeyes3675d ago

GOW RULZ man.. 40$ for 2 of the best games last gen in HD at 60FPS!! Thats a steal man. Now SOTC and ICO next Sony...

eagle213675d ago

2 epic games that are AAA heaven for $40 in 720p. :)