Call of Duty Classic Removed from PSN

MusterBuster from the Official Playstation forums writes:

"Hey guys,

COD Classic has been removed as it was never supposed to be available for purchase. There is currently a promotion running for purchasers of the MW2 hardened/prestige pack which gives users a voucher code to claim COD Classic.

I'm trying to find out if it will be available for you to purchase soon, leave it with me


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JD_Shadow3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Translation: "Infinity Ward/Activision gave the PS3 too much of a good thing, and must deserve their check from Microsoft somehow."

@BELOW: Okay, so...I should change this to "We need to give people more of a reason to blow more of their money to feed our greedy pockets", then.

peeps3675d ago

my mate has the 360 hardened edition so could get this. however i don't believe it ever appeared on the live store

Sitdown3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

seek therapy for your issues with Microsoft...clearly its not healthy.

Ohh, and you should probably replace "deserve" with "earn" would make your sentence more coherent.

peeps3675d ago

well i guess the point is that getting the hardened edition included the cool stuff + early access to this game. i.e. they were going to put it both on live and psn eventually, but gave first choice to ppl who bought hardened. thats usually how limited edition packages work...

you seem really annoyed with activision/iw though so i can't imagine anything would change your opinion

testerg353675d ago

woohoo.. its back to let's blame microsoft.

Saaking3675d ago

Why would they take it down? Do they not like money?

JD_Shadow3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Did they say that it was exclusive for the buyers of that version from the beginning, or was that just sprung on us recently? I'm having issue with understanding how such an oversight, if true, would've even happened.

@sitdown: And you can be the therapist, right?

EDIT: Are you f#cking serious? I lose another bubble because of this? Jesus, N4G, GET CONTROL OF THE DUPE ACCOUNTS!

@Apocwhen: Okay, I see now. I stand corrected, then. Wow! Wonder who f#cked THAT up. That and...what is going to happen to those that already downloaded it that shouldn't have? And why would this be all Sony's fault?

And thanks for answering my question without insulting me here. Your bubble is already in the mail.

@sitdown: Judging from you comment history, I could see the "therapy" I could receive from you, which is nothing I would WANT!

Apocwhen3675d ago

Robert Bowling stated weeks ago that it would only be available to Hardened Edition purchasers first, and that later down the line it would be available to everyone on the store. Sony messed up by putting it on the store for everyone.

Here is the source info:

Sitdown3675d ago

Actually, I could be the therapist...since I have the credentials....but with that said, I think your issue might be little deeper than I am willing to take on at this time.

With that said, I am not one of the ones who took a bubble, even though I can see why people would take them.

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peeps3675d ago

oh well. i dl'd it on tuesday lol £12 seemed a fair price tbh

PrimordialSoupBase3675d ago

Or just get it on PC: how it was meant to be played.

Arsenal4Ever3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Actibillion wasn't happy with the MW2 sales so they....

Just ignore me =[

nutbear963675d ago

HAHA! LOL! I got it yesterday! But what was odd was that it said 12th but it didn't have any of the store update for that day so it must of updated for COD Classic and then again (at about 10 in the UK, IN THE EVENING!) with all the normal stuff for yesterdays update but it is quite laggy and the matchmaking is quike bad but I guess not many people got it on the store and people that got it with Hardened or Prestige Editions will be too busy playing MW2! But COME ON! 24 Missions and 81% trophies on Uncharted 2 and half way through the second last mission on Crushing difficulty. And I've started to play R&C ACRIT on Challenge Mode on Hard and there will be free Uncharted 2 Multiplayer DLC before the end of the year apparantly?

solsub3675d ago

I was a CoD fan back when it was first released on PC in '03. I loved the SP but enjoyed the MP that much more.

Does anyone know what the max online player count will be for this version? I ask because it was a big part of the enjoyment as certain maps were well suited to a rather large player count (anywhere from 32 to even 64).


El_Colombiano3675d ago

P2P, no dice for big player games.

solsub3675d ago

Ah yes, I seemed to overlook the whole P2P mess.

Thanks man.

Apocwhen3675d ago

Only 8 player online as far as I know.

peeps3675d ago

"Only 8 player online as far as I know. "

yeh it is which is pretty pathetic tbh. especially when i remember playing 32 player rooms as standard, cus thats just what the maps suited.

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