IncGamers: Just Cause 2 Preview

Richard Walker takes some time out to grapple in Rico Rodriguez's new world.

"Few people would willingly hurl themselves off a cliff edge some hundred or so feet above sea level, but then not everyone is super smooth Latino agent, Rico Rodriguez - fighter, daredevil, wordsmith, lover. Rico is a real man's man and swarthy star of Just Cause 2."

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Leord3679d ago

That intro (extended in the article) is just hilarious :)

Can't wait to play the game!

Redrudy3679d ago

"a reckless, drunken Swede named Karl Blaine..." are there any other kind ;p


AndyA3679d ago

That tether mechanic sounds ace.

Dorjan3679d ago

All about causing chaos baby, all about the chaos.

Fyzzu3679d ago

Just Cause had a lot of potential. Glad it sounds like they're taking it all to heart. To be honest, as long as it's support widescreen resolutions I'll be happy - stopped playing the first when I got a new monitor because of that :p

thetamer3679d ago

It does look amazing. I love the fact that you have to destroy things and create 100% destruction!