Console Versions of Modern Warfare 2 Banned in Russia

Every copy of the console version of Modern Warfare 2 has been recalled from stores in Russia due to the content of the "No Russian" mission, better known as the controversial airport massacre level. Likewise, Infinity Ward has released an official patch for the PC and Steam versions of Modern Warfare 2, entirely removing the mission from the game.

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theEnemy3677d ago


IW went too far I guess..

BadboyCivic3603677d ago

I'm sure if it was "no Americans" then Obama and company would have something to say about it..."terrorist training"?

presto7173677d ago

What was the point?


MisterNiwa3677d ago

Thats why the mission is called 'NO RUSSIA'!

You see what i did there?

PinkUni3677d ago

i mean its completely anti-Russian

you kill Russian civilians

you kill Brazilian civilians

you kill Afghan civilians

and you never kill American civilians what a surprise

D4RkNIKON3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Just be glad IW wasn't dumb enough to make you pilot the planes that took out the world trade centers. That would scream controversy from the roof tops.

evrfighter3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

For the past year I've been reading comments here that video games are another form of art.

All of a sudden it's "just a game" now.

FarEastOrient3676d ago

Geez, I thought the Russians would like a game where they are shooting at Americans for a change. So what's next, an Alien boycott of Mass Effect because the humans are starting to take over the citadel.

Ghostsmoker3676d ago

You can't shoot civil people in the airport mission.
You can only shoot the security forces.
But the game is still in stores in Germany. But I really understand the people who cut these scene ... it's quiet excessive and marginal.

DarkTower8053676d ago

MGS series = art
Uncharted series = art
Assassins Creed series = art
MW2 airport scene = not art

I could take a dump on a canvas and call it art, but does that make it so? No, there has to be some standards. IW putting in missions for the sake of controversy especially when the mission proves to be useless since you die anyways is pathetic. A well done cutscene would have sufficed and avoided all of this.

IdleLeeSiuLung3676d ago

that haven't finished the game yet!

Sub4Dis3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

i'm sure the russians don't have any forms of entertainment depicting excessive violence against americans...'s a story (albeit not a very good one), and it fits into the context. it's not like it's anti-russia propaganda. makes the russian gov't look worse for banning it.

I do have to say though, i did think that scene went a bit too far. just didn't feel right playing it, i didn't fire once on the civies. remember the first time you saw an almost dead guy in GTA IV tryin to get up and he couldn't, and you walked over to him and popped him in the head and his body went lifeless? that was eerily creepy too, and that feels tame compared to "No Russian."

mastiffchild3676d ago

It's an unneccessary and hamfisted way of getting the undercover aspect into the game. The fact you can skipt it makes it totally gratuitous as it's an admissuin that it isn't needed!

IDK why IW needed to court controbersy in such a cheap way-not clever, not nicce and not needed at all. Done as a part of narrative with a mentally nroken former operative it would have been way more affecting and got the point over without appealing to the lowest common denomenator among COD fans-but after the FAHS bideo what do we expect of those top blokes at IW? Vertainly not a beta or a game that works out of the box or anything other than creaky old P2P, eh? But offensive? They can do that ALL day long.

D4RkNIKON3676d ago

Haha, you must not have played the game for more than 4 hours ;)

Automat3676d ago

Why the F would you read sh!t on N4G if you are don't want spoilers!! ?

HolyOrangeCows3676d ago

"Just be glad IW wasn't dumb enough to make you pilot the planes that took out the world trade centers"

What's the difference?
It's all killing innocent, unarmed civilians, dying at the end, and causing a war.

I'll bet American media would applaud that, too......right?

Christopher3676d ago

Honestly, I think the uproar about it is wrong. I really don't think about who's being killed or who's doing the killing, I think about the level that one goes to kill anyone. I would have been 100% fine with a game showing American terrorists in other countries, which is much like most movies nowadays.

badz1493676d ago

I don't think any dev will go THAT stupid by mimicking the 911. Banned in Russia, why would they care? it's not that big of a market to begin with. but banned in the USA, you're asking for bankruptcy!

frostypants3676d ago

It's not even a good mission.

Should have just been a cut scene.

This is an MP game all the way. The single player is kind of an afterthought.

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Nambassa3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

well i guess if they really want it they can just import it.

Or maybe IW will do something similar to what they did with the pc version. They can't remove it with a patch as not everyone has online, but maybe they could make a new one.

Modern Warfare 2: Russian Edition? lol just the same only without the airport level.

StillGray3677d ago

From what my Russian sources tell me, they patched the PS3 version of the game so that you can't shoot at anyone until the FSB arrives to shoot at you.

Nambassa3677d ago

Just for the Russian version?

StillGray3677d ago

Not too clear on that one, but Russian gamers who own the international version are saying that they can't shoot. I'm assuming it's for all versions because PSN wouldn't be checking IPs like that. I have the 360 version and everything's normal, so it's hard for me to verify that.

TheDudeAbides3677d ago

NO, the Russian edition would have an airport mission in the US.

RyuStrife3677d ago

LOL and it'll be called "No Americans"

Knghtz3677d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Actually it would be "No English". "No Russian" refers to the language, not the civilians. Just sayin'!

Why do I get disagrees for that?

Oldsnake0073677d ago

German Version doesnt let you shoot at the civilists

Diamondwolf3676d ago

For actually getting it right

kaveti66163676d ago

Do any of you realize why it's called "No Russian"? The guys are Russian terrorists who are trying to get Russia to start a war against America. So when they're getting out of the elevator to kill the Russian civilians at the airport, Kamarov says, "No Russian" and means "don't speak Russian at all around the civilians when you are shooting them."

At the end of the mission when Kamarov kills you, it's because he knew you were an American soldier who had infiltrated his group. By leaving your body at the airport to be found by the Russians and identified as being American, that would cause Russia to believe that Americans were solely behind the terrorist attacks.

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Retro-Virus3677d ago

I wonder what would have happened if the level was based @ JFK or Heathrow ?

dkgshiz3677d ago

Besides the point. The first thing that pops up when you put in CODMW2. It clearly states that there is some extremely offensive material that you can block or unblock it. If people cant handle it just choose the block option.

thewhoopimen3676d ago

uh.... when taken into context that this is a FPS game with atrocities and killings committed in many forms, that warning doesn't do jack scat. So just shove that lame excuse already.

NoBias3676d ago

It's not a lame excuse. When have you ever seen such a warning in a video game such as this? You know it has to be pretty violent if it's the first thing that they say to you when booting up the game. Choose to skip or not, it's up to the user.

If they choose not to and get offended... Well... It's kinda like a "I told you so" sort of thing... Actually it's exactly like that.

mastiffchild3676d ago

Bt the fact it ISN't needed to complete the game is what's telling. It's just there to offend, imo, there's no other reason I can think of ansd a million ways of demonstrating the dilemmas of the undercover guys better than this mess.

If you can skip it and it makes no odds just why is it there at all? If it was truly needed for the game/story they would have found a much better, cleverer and effective way, imo but they just love the controversy for some reason. It keeps them "street" I think!

thewhoopimen3676d ago

what i'm saying is that there are so many potentially offensive things in the game already with its theme that warning about another one is like telling the player the grass is going to be greener. How would anyone know how much 'more' offensive it could get?

Christopher3676d ago

Nothing from me. Don't we have this in most TV shows and Movies already?

Knghtz3675d ago

I just think you are put in the role to provoke more emotion from the player. I don't think IW was like "Man this will be a great way to offend people". It doesn't make sense.

Am I the only one who takes no offense to this in the game?

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PeptoBismol3676d ago

actually, it was quite disturbing. i did not enjoy it one bit.

Automat3676d ago

it was boring as h3ll and I might as well have skipped it.

White-Sharingan3676d ago

Well thats your opinion and I respect it, but for me the mission rocked <3 epicness

condorstrike3677d ago

WTF?...Russians, now they play the for lack of better terms.../nationality/Race card, how much you want to bet Obama will eventually apologize to Putin on national TV, it's like the Cold war is back, but this time there's no wall to bring down nor someone to say so., politics always find a way in.

next store bans....the middle east, unless it's for terrorist training, lol.

Canvas Of Flesh3677d ago

Are you seriously comparing the banning of a video game to the Cold War? You must be a young person to make an asinine comparison like that.

thewhoopimen3676d ago

That's one of the most retarded comments I have read. Do yourself a favor and slap yourself one, for making such an uneducated remark.

bullaaaa3676d ago

Seriously, one of the dumbest remarks on N4G. Someone should start compiling a list of the dumbest remarks on N4G and I would bet it won't take more than 24 hours to fill it up.

frostypants3676d ago

No, this is NOTHING like the cold war. I don't wake up each day wondering if I'm going to get nuked.

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