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muDD3676d ago

Those graphix, atmosphere, and environments are probably the best on any console. The animation is sub-par tho...

Fanbois saying heavy rain looks better are delusional.

deadreckoning6663676d ago

Yes, as a PS3 owner, I agree that this looks WAYY better than heavy rain on a graphics standpoint and its more impresive than Uncharted 2. The way those tress moved in the wind WOW. First time ive seen somethg like that in a videogame.

Alan Wake3676d ago

if this game on ps3

i swear ps3 owners will say best game ever best graphics best horror
king of games GOTY bla bla bla bla

but im sorry gaystation fan this game xbox exclusives for ever lolz

never come 2 ur PShit 3 console

4me23676d ago

2 years ago they show a trailer( I believe 2007 E3). It was daylight, very detailed environment, Alan walking around.

Now, 2 years later, everything they show takes place at night. Why?
Was the the game redesign?
Is making that game darker/at night requires less processing power?

003676d ago

this game has atmosphere.

green3676d ago

love the lighting in the game.Really adds to the creepy atmosphere.

Obama3676d ago

The bots are clearly delusional as the graphic of this game can't be compared to UC2 at all.

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