New FF13 Information to arrive on every 13th day until March

Square Enix intend to make the 13th day of each month special leading up to the March 9th 2010 release of Final Fantasy XIII by releasing all-new information on the English language release of the game on the 13th of every month.

That's today, the 13th December, January and February all to look forward to for huge website updates and information on the latest title in the Final Fantasy series.

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Lucreto3684d ago

That is a clever idea. I am a bit disappointed with the release date though.

Aquarius3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

thats stupid.

So we have 3 months of pathetic information to look foward too, SE?

If the quantity of the content was anything like todays, they might as well forget it and no its not "the most anticitipated game of all time"

Hope as a boy? seriously?

why not release information every week?

BTW the whole trailer and 35secs of FFXIII was average just like MS' console.