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New Mass Effect Screens

Here are some new screens of the upcoming xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect,note/egnore the last pictures caption i did not put it on there.

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",note/egnore the last pictures caption i did not put it on there." This part is totally not necessary. Please omit it before it gets approved.
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Eclipticus4313d ago

WoW- nice. just as I am finishing up Shivering Isles. Now between this and Bioshock. this is a nice few months indeed.

PS360PCROCKS4313d ago

whats up with the 3rd pic lol what does it have to do with meth

Dr Pepper4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

meth screws up your face...and that guy's face is pretty messed up.

Random though

I didn't think you did, it was funny though and wasn't that big of a deal.

Eternal E 8084313d ago

read my head line once more.

snoop_dizzle4312d ago

i really cant wait to be able to play this game

SF49er4084312d ago

screw halo this will consume all my time. too bad it comes out right after summer so i will fail all my classes. looks like star wars/kotor on crack mixed with a little nutmeg.

snoop_dizzle4312d ago

my college grades are going down the drain

TrenchaunT4312d ago

I love RPGs, but I hate how Star-Wars-ish this game looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.