Analysis: Modern Warfare 2 - Is It Really 'No Girls Allowed'?

Columnist for Gamasutra, Lewis Denby writes: "It seems that I, and the entirety of the male gaming population, should be on-guard at the moment. According to Telegraph writer Hannah Betts, "an army of women" is about to argue with us.

In a fascinating piece of writing - which I'd like to think is tongue-in-cheek, but really struggle to believe that's true - Ms. Betts clings onto various gender stereotypes for dear life as she attempts to assign her frustration at the male species to the evils of video games. And with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this week, she appears to have found her perfect opportunity to do so."

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YLOD Service Tech3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

The immature players on PSN scare them away. This goes for every game played on the PS3.

ZombieAutopsy3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

do you even game??? You are always on here spewing bs back and forth so i'm starting to think you couldn't even afford a used ps2, good thing multiple account on N4G are free though right

Saaking3678d ago

It's just immature teens who think gaming is a man's games (even though they're not men yet). Girls are perfectly capable of pwning male players. I know some girl gamers and one of them is better at FPS than me. So now, it shouldn't be a girls not allowed game but unfortunately if you're female you are gonna get harassed by stupid teen brats.

The Matrix3678d ago

There aren't any females characters in MW2. This is because it is a harsh, true-feeling story with little room for emotion. It is about the savageness of mankind and our evil nature. Can you imagine a women gunning down the civilians in the airport? The multiplayer really is a continuation of this war as well.

SixZeroFour3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

yea its odd...i think the majority of the time there is male and female gender characters, its usually only cause there will at some point in campaign there will be some kind of relationship building between the two

other than that, its usually an all male or all female cast for the campaign

edit: as for female GAMERS playing mw2...i know one personally and she whoops my friends asses (most of the time) in mw2...i say my friends and not my own because i dont have it, but she does own me in cod4 (most of the time)

Azimuth3678d ago

Oh, ugh. The quoted article from the Telegraph is just embarrassing. I'm a female gamer, and I've already finished MW2 twice, including Veteran difficulty. I'm not the only one, either. :|

DigitalAnalog3678d ago

You know there's always Uncharted 2. I heard that's "female" friendly.

;) ;)

-End statement

corneliuscrust3678d ago

Maybe there is a reason you're still a Ms. ?

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