We need more missions like MW2's "No Russian"

Gamer Limit writes "The significance of Modern Warfare 2 and its drip fed pre-launch information are nothing without the controversies that have followed its tumultuous path to existence. We've had price concerns, format concerns, distribution concerns, and most recently, content concerns regarding the much lauded "Airport Scene", in which the player becomes part of a terrorist attack."

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nycredude3682d ago

No we don't. That crap was boring as hell and my guy moved like he was stuck in molasses! Also there is no fun to found in shooting targets that don't fight back!

Hill_billy3682d ago

And I call it a scene because that's what it felt like. I partly controlled cut scene that really was not needed.

darkmurder3682d ago

No what we need is more companies not becoming greedy.

vhero3682d ago

The whole thing should have been cut I'm 100% surprised they were allowed to release the game with the level.

sikbeta3682d ago

"Everybody loves contraversy!"

No one can play with that, maybe it help to get into the mass like "Davinci Code" movie, but if Fox news find you, they will rip you off and make you the legit son of Satan XD

paul03883682d ago

If the scene served as a poignant plot pot point, it would be a bit more acceptable. But what I saw was not there for the plot, it was there for shock. In light of recent tragedies such as the Mumbai and Fort Hood shootings, something like this should have never made it past the cutting room.

The scenerio is obscene and gratuitous. Some may argue that it's rated M for a reason. I don't know if it's ignorance fueling that argument or what, but every game I play on Xbox live has at least a few children obviously under the age of 17.

It was just uncalled for, what if something comes out of this? What if a kid is bullied in school and plays this scene constantly because in his mind it's glorified? What if he decides to walk into a public place, be it a school or a mall, with a weapon, and enacts his rage? Then is it only a video game?

Ask yourself that. If something does come out of this, say goodbye to video games as we know them in the United States because we'll be faced with a system of censorship not unlike what's in Australia.

This is not like GTA violence which was cartooney and funny. This was a disturbing, realistic scene that encourages the mass execution of civilians by players. I'm a known liberal, but I just can't accept something like this because it's too much. They've crossed the line.

STK0263682d ago

the scene was great and served it's use. It was meant to have us see Makarov as a rthless killer. In games today, it seems it's okay to be a manic launching nukes on a nation killing millions of civilians while doing it, but once you get up close and personnal, it's too much?

IW wanted us to make it more realistic. In the real world, terrorists aren't launching nukes, they're killing civilians using guns and small bombs. Just because you're not seeing the victim's faces when you launch a missile on a civilian doesn't make it any better than killing him with a gun.

Postal had you kill civilians, GTA has you kill civilians, SR has you kill civilians. While the scene wasn't exactly all that fun, it was refreshing to see one developper thought it'd be nice to finally have a realistic enemy, not some cliche ego maniac threatening the world with a super laser...

Snoozer2823682d ago

Well done for being so educated and eloquent in your reply Paul. Not only are you spot on, but you managed to do it with a maturity that is consistently lacking from this website.

Unicron3682d ago

I have to disagree Paul, especially in your analysis of GTA. How is it any more "cartoony" or "funny" in its more recent incarnations than CoD? You are still murdering innocent people in GTA, why is this any different? Because it's in an airport? I don't follow the reasoning. I also fail to see how this is any different from watching a movie like Heat. Civilians dying for entertainment purposes is nothing new. I find it funny that as a society we glorify some aspects of violence but then cry foul when a presentation of it hits too close to home.

As for the whole "bullied kid" scenario, I think you are simply feeding into the fallacy that games breed killers. I've been gaming since I was 7. I played Mortal Kombat when I was a pre-teen. I've never so much as started a fight in my life, let alone torn someone's spine out or thought about shooting up a school. Want to know why? Because I was actually raised by my parents and have the common sense to distinguish reality from fiction. It's a game, nothing more. Can we please stop blaming the games, in this case a game not meant for a child audience anyways, and start looking towards education and good parenting? Or is that too much to ask, as videogames are the perfect babysitter?

Maddens Raiders3682d ago

"games" like ODST according to Sessler. Media make up your fickle & inconsistent minds already. Article is fail.

paul03883682d ago

I guess logic eludes you because you can't see outside of your own narrow spectrum.

GTA is more cartoony because its meant to be played like that. You're the anti-hero in a sense. Ever notice when you're walking down a street in GTA and run into someone? They get pushed back and give you the finger or say something utterly hillarious. So in turn, I get into a car and run them over.

In CoD, the main idea of the game is to kill the people. They are the objective. It only takes the twisted mind of one person to create a massacre, and this could be just the thing that can pull them over the edge. It's a realistic depiction of terrorism. GTA is not a realistic depiction of anything.

I'm happy to hear your parents raised you appropriately and instilled in you a sense of right and wrong. My parents raised me to those same standards as well. But think outside the box for a moment and remember that not all children are as fortunate as we were. Not all parents are good parents. Think of those lonely, angry children out there. Abused at home and school, they only foster hate inside. Imagine if they embraced this scene and enjoyed inflicting terror and pain, like they experience themselves, on innocent people.

I don't think GTA crossed the line, but there is already instances of violence that were attributed to it. Imagine if someone decided to reenact the violence they witnessed in this game. Imagine the potential consequences of that - not only through the deceased, but through the industry as a whole. The whole GTA argument never held up because it was meant to be outrageous and over the top. This scene is realistic, has happened in the past, and will inevitably happen in the future - I just hope this game doesn't influence it in any way.

That's why I feel they crossed the line.

Keyser3682d ago

Okay, my take on it is in disagreement with Paul.

First, let me say where I agree with you Paul. There are many troubled kids out there who don't have parent's raising them and can be affected by scenes like this. Kids whose parent's are poor examples or neglect them to make money. Lot's of different circumstances that cause neglect till children. It's true that you don't want easily influenced children/adults to see things that can possibly set off a trigger.

Now, why I disagree with viewpoint. Our society (U.S.) is FILLED with violence. I'm talking video games, movies, tv shows, magazines, commercials, and books. Worse than all those media outlets is real life. I grew up in a bad neighborhood and people were killed in the streets or wherever on a daily basis. Nice stories don't make the news where I'm from. They try to get all the murders and robberies in 20 minutes before they report sports and weather. Video games have nothing on real life. Now, having the ability to shoot someone on Halo, COD, Killzone2, Battlefield, S.O.C.O.M. all feel life like but it is nowhere close to the real thing. The images aren't even close. It's a lot worse in real life.

What's my point? My point is that removing it from one or all video games isn't going to stop the images that exist. We can make all video games like Mario Olympics but that doesn't stop kids from seeing gruesome acts against other humans. For some youth, it is an outlet that allows them to release some frustration and anger without harming real people. Taking that away is dangerous as well.

Until society as a whole decides to pull it from all media and takes violence against each other as serious as we take the effort to make money then removing it from video games is like trying to move a mountain with a piece of straw.

I know you feel otherwise and it's cool that you have that opinion.

HolyOrangeCows3682d ago

This will get them lots of hits.

Consoldtobots3681d ago

Infinity Ward are pawns in a much deeper game being played out here, this is a thinly veiled message to the Russians that we orchestrated and executed the Beslan school massacre. Something like this would NEVER have made out to sale without approval from the powers that be.

Viper73681d ago

I didn't really see nothing wrong with the scene, and it was actually quite refreshing to get to experience something from "terrorist" standpoint. As for killing civilians and law enforcement in that scene its no different from GTA which allows the exact same thing in much wider degree.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
Freedom fighters of one country are terrorists of another. I wonder why attack Russia tough, guess it some kind of plot twists I missed in the 1st game or in the first few episodes of the second.

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syvergy3682d ago

I stopped firing pretty early.

Fullish3682d ago

Why? in games we are meant to play our role....

Darkeyes3682d ago

Even I cringed at first, but then something inside my head shouted that I was shooting polygons at polygons... So then I just pressed the trigger and destroyed a lot of polygons :)

paul03883682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

They've crossed the line with this one...

Shadow Flare3682d ago

Is that a good thing? If you felt bad doing it at first, but don't feel bad doing it now, what is that saying? I don't care if in reality the gamer would never be a terrorist but I wouldn't want my kid be entertained by something like that, practicing the motions of a terrorist and growing to accept it. Watching people save other people, and then shooting them both. Its way past the line.

Darkeyes3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Ya @shadowflre I guess you are right... In the heat of moment I guess I lost it a little and seriously I didn't think about skipping it cause the game is only 4-5 hours lol.... Anyways, do I really want something controversial in every game.. NO, but I think people are digging a little too much in this. I also blame IW cause they should have made this into a cutscene or something (but that again would shorten a half game)...

But to tell you the truth, id this was in a movie, it wouldn't have caused any controversy. That is why I say it's blow a tad bit out of proportion.

Shadow Flare3682d ago


There is a big difference between movies and games though. With a movie, your watching. You're an innocent by-stander just watching whats being shown to you. With games your doing. Your acting out certain roles and you become the person doing the said thing. Its not so innocent. Imagine if this was on wii, and you had to stab all the civilians. And you saw your kid playing it. Can you see what I mean by the differences? Its things like this that desensitize people, and in the end where does it stop? Where does it stop? We've already seen rape games rear their ugly head

BlackTar1873682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

i felt like a POS but when the cops started firing i was like alriaght your firing at me now your the bad guy and lit them up : )

But im not against this type of thing its a videogame we have brains for a reason we shouldn't have to always cater to the morons. But with that said i didn't kill to many and even turned and killed my team cuz i felt it was the right thing to do little did i know i would have to restart the lvl and move at a snails pace back thru it again in which the only civilian i killed was the one crawling on the ground it was one and it was hilarious.

Shadow Manhunt 2 on wii was awesome they werent innocent bystanders but the acting out the kills was good fun

Game on

Keyser3682d ago

I played through that scene and didn't fire a single shot at civilians. I didn't have to so I didn't. I actually thought they may think that I'm a trader because I didn't shoot anyone without a gun. I shot at the cops of course because they were shooting at me but I didn't feel compelled to shoot at the civilians.

A long time ago I post on thinking that Bioshock crossed the lines because it wanted me to kill the little girls and I didn't think that killing children was appropriate. It's actually the reason I didn't buy the game after playing the demo. I'm not mad that others enjoyed it and were able to rationalize it but it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do. All gamers should be able to exercise choice.

I'm big on not banning things for others even though I don't choose to do it. Everyone has their limits, gay marriage, abortion etc. Lots of touchy issues out there and we don't have to get into them on a video game site but I (me, Keyser) see video games like books, movies, and music. It's an artistic expression. Even though some may not like the Mona Lisa that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to paint women. In art you should have a choice to express yourself and let the audience decide. Gay marriage, abortion...those aren't art and society decides how to handle those things.

aGameDeveloper3682d ago

Keyser, you don't HAVE to kill the little girls in Bioshock. In fact, there is a reward and an achievement if you don't...

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wonderbanana3682d ago

We need more missions like it but done properly; as it stands MW2's Airport level was very poorly done and immature. It could (and should) have been so much better.

Madis0073682d ago

No russian mission looked awesome but pointless.
Why? Because even if you dont shoot anyone then AI will shoot enemy anyway and nothing more.

You can shoot or watch,Its still same. More like cut-scene

ForTheFallen3682d ago was called "Re-education" or "Programming", I guess when we do it, it's called "Video Games"

Knghtz3682d ago

So much fail in one comment...

ForTheFallen3682d ago

You're totally right, Knghtz, I'll just go back to shooting civilians. That's the moral thing to do, right? Because it's for the good of the US, right?

Oh, but it's just a video game. I would agree if it weren't so painfully obvious that this is based off of the little Mumbai Operation this mission keeps being compared to.
Here's some facts for you.

And my comment wasn't fail. If anything yours was. You didn't even add anything to the conversation or even respond; that's way worse than anything I could've did.

ForTheFallen3682d ago

Knghtz, I've been reading you other comments and you're either a total douche or messed up in the head. That's the only explanation one can get from the fact you apparently do not even feel remotely shamed in shooting digital civilians or watching gore.

Get a conscience.

Knghtz3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Maybe one day you yourself will be able to distinguish real from fiction. Or not, it's up to you. I have a conscience, the news I read every day makes me sad to see the events happening. However, this is a game, a story. Just make the distinction, it's not hard...

Oh, and the whole "my comment isn't fail, yours is" argument. Really?

Anyways, if you would like to discuss this further you can get me via PMs, I will gladly debate the topic as it is a great point of interest to me and it is a bit of a controversy among folks.

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Serjikal_Strike3682d ago

thats why it didn't even give you a trophy after passing the level (cuz it's pointless)

so no we dont need more levels like that!

peeps3682d ago

"thats why it didn't even give you a trophy after passing the level (cuz it's pointless)"

you don't get a trophy cus it's an optional mission. they didn't want ppl who didn't want to play the mission to miss out on gettin 100% completion.