Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin incoming?

Franchise boss says Activision is 'evaluating' more single-artist releases

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UltimateSin3679d ago

Impossible! Zeppelin And Floyd will not license their music out to any video game or even DVD for that matter. Great bands but assholes when it comes to this.

reintype3679d ago

As much as I want them, I just don't think it'll happen.

Led Zeppelin are notorious for being obstinate concerning their music licenses.

And may god help them with Pink Floyd, making them all sign a music license, will constitute a small miracle. Roger Waters and his former bandmates, just don't see eye to eye these days.

They probably better of getting these instead:
1. Rolling Stones
2. The Doors
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Cream
5. The Clash

My personal faves:
1. Tool
2. A Perfect Circle
If Activision made this, it'll be the first game, I'll buying from them this gen.

UltimateSin3679d ago

I'm just against Band-based games made for Guitar Hero. You Compare GH: Metallica to RB Beatles, and the story and the way that RB Beatles was done was incredible. No DLC for any band based GH game, RB Beatles gets 3 albums in first 3 months after is release. I would more like 10-15 songs in the form of DLC.

reintype3679d ago

But my personal faves are:

Rain Song- Best Ballad IMO
Kashmir- The most epic song for me (love the strings)!

zootang3679d ago

Sunshine of your love
When the levee breaks
Immigrant song

My personal faves but something about ramble on i just love!!

reintype3679d ago

I don't know if Led Zep did a cover for that song, but dude, that's a song by Cream. They also did Cocaine. It's Eric Clapton's band before he'd gone solo.

dorron3679d ago

Agreed with statements above. I want it to happen but I don't see it happening...

Smacktard3679d ago

I doubt it. But if it was coming, it'd give me a reason to finally get a Guitar Hero game. Of course, I'd pick up Van Halen too :D

But it's not coming. And if it were coming, it'd probably be a crappy watered-down version with songs by Beck and Radiohead too. :\